The International Bedlam Society welcomes in the revival of the Festival of Dionysus!! At Transamoeba Studios Friday & Saturday, 7-10p.m., March  9-24, 2012.

Dionysus has returned to the House of Cadmus to exact his revenge on those who have spoken out slanderous words against him. With him he brings spectacle, dibauchery, raunchiness, and Classical Mythology indicative of its original form. And of course, his Secret Rites…

Suckling, Sparagmos!!


Audience members are encouraged to get in on the action. Come in costume. Scream, drink, jump on stage, kick, laugh,  join in on the suckling or even better some sparagmos!

Celebrate the Secret Rites that remind us of what it means to be human. Dive into the unadultered stories of Zeus, Paris, Orpheus, Icarus, Oedipus, and Pentheus.

Have you ever wondered why a young boy named Icarus was imprisoned in the first place? We know the truth and can’t wait to share it!

This sort of thing can’t be shared with just anyone though.

Only those who participate may know the Secret Rites.

Festival of Dionysus ignited theatre in Athens. This marks the end of days when dulled down, Disney edited versions rule the stage.

Props & setting sponsored by Salvage One. Silent Auction open for all materials provided by Salvage One for the duration of the run.

Additional Accompaniment provided by:

Amy & Ananda Bliss Tribe March 9,10
Aerial Fire Performance Magik & Goforth of the Detroit Fire Guild March 16,17

Fee to enter is $10. In costume is $8, costume rentals are $2.
Password to enter the Secret Rites: Sparagmos (Spa- rag – mos)


Go crazy a little or go crazy a lot.   
Sooner or later we all go mad.  

: ) ( :