Developing the New SOP

The Abyss Awaits.
Thanks to Suresh N on Picasa

Leaping forward toward a career with tasks that are varying, in a position that is evolving while I work toward building a foundation that is truly beneficial to Mother Earth and her people.

To explore fun without frivolity!

Within a supportive, welcoming community.

: )

You see, this new Standard Operating Procedure is about taking care of me.

I’ve done all of my homework and I’ve put in my time. I’ve gotten so into the groove of things that now I’m revvin’ up the rhyme.

Ready to apply my well-crafted skills. To be put to the test.

Let me show you how I am the best.

A worker at heart. Ready at the start.

Get out there!  Get dirty! Get busy! Get the job done!

C’mon, already. You know it’ll be fun!!

To embrace opportunities. To learn and to grow.

This show, has just begun.

Not to work just for money. To be motivated by the task that is at hand!!

To have my material needs met. Without having to over extend.

To be workin’ for real. To be on the job.

To know when it is time to stop.

To enjoy the time in between. To rest. To see what’s more.

Being able to live your life is what workin’ is for.

LOVE being Team player. Am also a Leader.

Let’s put my hands to good use! My voice, use that too. Have my words be heard.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Let’s express. Let’s expand. Work together! Let’s get going! Now do you comprehend?

Structure   Standards   Morals

Collaboration Exploration

Motivation from within

  No days that go without High-fives & Good job guy’s

What I am looking for in a job is what I want out of LIFE!

& it’s time…

: ) ( :