Welcome back me!! To Chicago that is.

For those unaware that I recently pulled a Thoreau and have spent the past 8 (wonderful) weeks on Big Blue Lake, in Pure Michigan. Quite the experience.

Here are at least 25 photo’s taken during my stay. My favorite is the finale.

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Strengthening my relationship with the Tao was in primary focus while on retreat. Coincidentally, a constant re-appearing analogy for the mind is the mirror effect of a lake– only ever reflecting that which is before it, never holding on to anything, letting go once the moment has passed.

Each day upon rising I opened up the front door, breathed in deep delicious air, and was grateful for all that was before me.

On my final day, Big Blue Lake sat absolutely silent and still. No movement what-so-ever. The sun setting upon it was the perfect example of clarity in the mind. That night was the darkest I’d ever experienced. A cloud cover made it hard to find my own hand in front of me. Here, I felt secure. Awe mazing.

Now that I have experienced what it means to be still in nature, my aim is to carry that  steady flow back here to civilization with me.

Henry David Thoreau, believed that the key to strength lies within the spirit not the mind. What I learned during my stay is that anything that has been learned can be forgotten. That what we hold in our hearts is what is true for us and, that which holds down our hearts is what our minds are attached to. I have come to see quite clearly how this rings true in all of us. Demonstrating it, however is something rather different all together.

If you’d like to test this for yourself, try this: examine your own world. Is there anything in it that brings a furrow to your brow? Does anything come up that you’d rather not contemplate? Or, do you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your own skin? For many of us this is likely to occur.

The hard & fast truth is that there is nothing you can do to change whatever it is. You absolutely can change how you feel about it though. Which will make all the difference in the world. Begin by writing it down.

If you’re having trouble getting over those unpleasant thoughts. Take a deep breath. Breath again, keep breathing, & watch your breath until you’ve moved on from it.

Something else I came to realize while away is the direction that this blog is moving towards. (I’m headed there too).  Changes have been promised in the past. Now there is actually some clarity shining upon it. Hints of it are sprinkled all over already. And, I’m looking for help!! Anyone who has some graphic design skills, web-savvy know how that you’d care to share, a digital camera to donate, ideas, in-put, people to pass the word onto, & possibly some editing skills– please say Hello!!


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