Dandyism: a literary and  artistic style of the latter part of the 19th century marked by artificiality & excessive refinement.  A well dressed man. A fop.

Devendra Banhart

Dandyism was Steven’s response to the post on Sexy Suits, written in his honor.

At first, I felt that he was put off by the post & that the word dandy was in reference to being characterized as homosexual.

Not true! Necessarily. Dandyism is in reference of men, who take extra particular care to their way of dress. In research for this post I learned that a more current representation of this is Hippie Glam.

Devendra Banhart shown here, is an example of this.

The boho/hippie look certainly appears to be making its presence known once again in our culture. I feel that it was just here.

Which is a surprising juxtaposition to this dandy little trend that we’re seeing. Especially, when combined with the fact that cloaks are HUGE right now. Why?!? Is this a surprising juxtaposition?

Dressing to a meticulous degree, or to dawn a cloak is to give off an aura of sophistication. Try wearing a cloak for a day and see for yourself just what your are able to do: not much.

Hippies on the other hand dress for practicality. Or so that their skirts will swirl when dancing.

The current trend of dressing up, makes me think that people are tired of working hard, tired of being broke and just plain damn tired of being tired.

Which is totally cool with me. I’ve been holding down the sophisticated style this whole time. I never quite understood why hipsters wanted to dress like they were bums.

For me, it’s about the future. Dress for what you’d like to be, for how you’d like to be.

That goes for everything, not just clothes.

Call upon the future, don’t dwell.

It just might get you somewhere!

: ) ( :



Meet Chuck Bass

Dear friend–  Steven, has been talking a lot lately about changing up his look.

The other night while sitting in a dimly lit, local watering hole, I saw a glimpse of Chuck Bass in Steven & thought: WOW! There’s real opportunity here!

Of course, Steven, whose biggest influence is Carl Jung had no idea what Gossip Girl, or who Chuck Bass is. We like him better that way anyhow.

The only show that I make a point to watch each week is Gossip Girl.

Why? Because it’s sexy.

Each & every ensemble that blesses my television screen is absolutely spectacular! Not to mention the drama. Oh! The Drama!

The show itself has had a major impact on the way girlies in America dress themselves, I’m sure of it. Simply do a Google search for Gossip Girl fashion blogs. You’ll quickly get a clear sense of its impact.

Last season, I attended a Chicago Gossip Girl Blog launch & premier party. The blog was designed almost in protest of all of the fashion blogs that have popped up around the show & was intended to simply be a discussion forum for fans of the show.a.k.a. Ed Westwick

[I would not suggest attending a party to watch the season premier of your favorite show].

Gossip Girl is my weekly planned alone time. It’s also TiVo’d, so commercial set-backs are eliminated.

Watching football with a group of people might be fine for those who watch football. But, it’s a terrible thing to mentally drown out noise from the bar & to move your head around in an effort to avoid late comers while your favorite show is on-screen.

Steven’s expressed ideas about picking a character to be and to be that character for a period of time. A good idea! (Potentially pricey).

He’s also expressed intentions of professionalizing his appearance. Something that apparently left his brain as quickly as it came. Last I checked, that idea no longer applied.  Very sad.

Steven is merely the inspiration for this post. And, a damn good excuse to spend some time sifting through the internet in search of sexy pictures of Chuck Bass a.k.a. Ed Westwick. Really, one shouldn’t need an excuse. He is a Fantasy Worthy Gent! [Though sometimes a spark helps to get one moving in a good direction].

black is always sexy

According to some of the Spring/Summer 2011 runway shows I’ve seen recently the Power Suit is back in business babay! WOO HOO!

Only this time, it’s not just for men. Actually, Alexander McQueen has women wearing the suit of power. The soundtrack to the show makes it worth watching more than once.

The power suit, does not have to include shoulder pads, nor does it have to be strictly dark colors. Vibrant colors of darker shades is a must.

Power suits should be worn by men & women alike– After checking in on what’s to come, I couldn’t help but think the sort of respect Hillary Clinton would have drummed up had she worn a power suit vs. a pant suit.

The necessary point to grab from this argument, is that it’s time to exude a true sense of power. Let’s learn to be chic.

According to Chuck Bass & Henry Miller power = being Fearless.

Back to the story at hand…

It’s great that a character dressed as Chuck Bass, has decided to grace America’s pop-culture.

He is just what young men need to know that it is perfectly OKAY to get away from the gray.

I love grey! Still, it’s kinda boring & actually quite sad. To see a sea of it on a regular basis is enough to drive a person to wear pink!

He’s also a good example that men can have fun with their wardrobe, just as women do!

Harper Bazaar SEXY!

All too often, men are stuck in the same pant & button down routine. It’s boring!!

From a rhetorical perspective, it makes me think that men are oppressed when it comes to being accepted by fashion.

Though, if you look out for the shapely shorts men will be wearing this Spring, you’ll get a glimpse of what appears to be a Manly Fashion Revolution. Ya, man leg!

This look,  has really already been fully accepted by plenty of men. Many of whom ride bikes, love their own hot asses and have decided to cut off their skinny jeans into short-shorts, so that the world can have a full on gander at their rockin’ bods.

Clemence Poesy

Of course, if you have a rockin’ bod, than you should show it off! This gal here is Clemence Poesy. French actor & model who had a guest appearance on Gossip Girl, earlier this season.

She’s the sort of good lookin’ lady who doesn’t always look fabulous. Not that she’s unkempt, but from certain angles her good looks vanish. Actually, she’s the sort of looker who looks slightly different each time you see her.

These pictures have been added simply for the sake of looking at them….


still gorgeous, but see the difference?


Steven, is possibly the only man in my world who is both straight & willing to move beyond the typical man look. I know plenty of men willing to dress up like women & usually out-do me in putting together a flashy evening ensemble, but those men don’t count.

Straight men need to be given the tools to step out and to play with their wardrobe. Hipster boys don’t count either!

I am a big fan of the deep cut V-neck shirt, but only if the guy wearing it has the chest hair to back it up. Most don’t.

What I really would like to push here is well-dressed men.

: )

Men who will play dress-up just as good as any girl!!!

What I would give to see a reddish brown suit on the street…


By good, I mean with confidence. By confidence, I mean to do so comfortably.

Women are instructed to move away from the business look on date night.

However, it would be astonishing if a guy were to move beyond the simply button down, striped & collared, and added on a suit jacket.

This has been done, yes. I typically see it on men in the mid 30’s + range. Rarely, is the suit jacket intended for evening wear. If it is, the jacket is black velvet. [Wah, wah]. That only lasts for so long…

Once, I caught a real live glimpse of a blue velvet suit coat via. Axis of Evelyn. Actually, I played a strong hand in selling that to the husband of a major local gallery owner. He looked large & in charge with this jacket on, even wearing white washed jeans! Plus, it was right before Christmas.

[Blue velvet has been an awesome addition to the holidays in the past few years, it’s really really great for NYE!]

A hint of 70's

Suits, suits & more suits…

Another way to sexy up a man, is to throw on a bandanna. It’s been a growing trend in the hippy world for both men & women. This pic here shows how you can class it up.

Change up that tie for a bandanna in the summer!