In honor of the long awaited, highly anticipated, OMG it’s finally here:  2012!!

Let us take this opportunity to celebrate with a tip of the hat to creativity.





First up is Bjork & Nick Knight’s tribute to fashion’s late Lee Alexander McQueen.                           

Lee McQueen suffered the consequence of wrapping a noose around his neck. He lived his not too terribly long life to the max!! Pissing off most people in the fashion industry for refusing to make “Ready to Wear” clothing.

Mr. McQueen & Lady Bjork share an outlandish artistic ability. Neither one controls their creations. It’s what we call: UNINHIBITED.  Which makes for a damn good show.

Creativity is not having the power to make something happen. It is the ability to act as an open vessel for creations to flow through. 

What’s your median?

Oh, I prefer oil on canvas.

Very lovely, you?

I like gettin’ dirty with ceramics.

And you?

Who me?  Carly is my median.

You are the median. Stop to consider this for a moment. Realize how this is  one of those really funny, hard to find absolute truths. Without a creator there can be no creation.

Have you ever tried to force creativity? I have. One of my biggest frustrations as “a creative” is that nothing ever comes out the same as I imagine it to be in my brain. Not even a lion. Sigh.

Still. Moments of sheer pleasure occur whenever I sit down and simply let it happen. Which in itself can be a task. Or, it can be a meditative ritual habit that soothes the mind & calms the nerves. Who really knows what it is?

All of my best ever drawings began as scribbles on paper.

Note: Scribbling, or doing anything that encompasses letting it out, is a great way to jump start creativity to flow from you. It’s like candy & flowers, yankin’ the chain, foreplay or, placing a piece of cheese outside of the little mousey hole. Psychiatrists use this to trick patients into opening up. Really disturbed people do it without any thought as a way to get that shit out! Hence my scribbling on paper.

: )

( : Sprinkles of Snow : )

During my Pure Michigan stay I toyed with the notion that everyone has a creative talent.

By this I mean that each&every human being on this planet has come fully equipped with the innate capacity to creatively express. Somehow.

Dwelling in the Land of People Primarily Over Fifty showed me that given the opportunity to explore & connect with the inner Self, people blossom.

Often these opportunities came via an ‘Adult Education Class.’ After the whole gettin’ a job, gettin’ married, child rearin’ years had passed.  All of these people had beautiful works, smiles on their faces & songs in their heart. Really, they did!!

Most folk continued on with their creative work simply to enhance la joie de vivre. Some even became famous for it.

The creative process is not necessarily simple. That’s not my argument here. It is however obtainable.

Creativity can be in the kitchen, in the way one ties their shoes, how they make others feel while in their presence. Or, it can be found elsewhere. Like in the way you fix up an old bike.

For further discussion on the creative process from a highly credible source here is a recent interview with Terry Gilliam. Director: Monty Python, 12 Monkeys, and Brazil.

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Bridge Building Business Professional

It’s important to have fun, keep consistent, and to be easily recognizable.

Especially, in reference to events!!

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WARNING: This post is a plug.

Local: Refers to FOOD sourced from as close to home as possible.

Like pretty much everything else in existence, it’s true definition depends on the ground you are currently standing.

Sourcing food locally is anywhere from your own backyard up to 250 miles away from your front door.

[It takes about four hours to drive 250 miles away from my house].

Somewhere in the Universe: Someone opened up the flood gates for Conversation & Considerations surrounding FOOD to rush into my life.  Out of nooks and crannies that were never before considered– People and Ideas began to present themselves. So, now i Will share with you some of what i’ve Learned.

The gates began to open once I accepted the position of Sustainability Coordinator, of the GFREEV Dinner on Wednesday, June 8 held in the Industrial Ballroom of the Ravenswood Event Center.

Dinner will be served at 8p.m.

GFREEV : n. & v.  (gee-FREE-vee) Gluten-Free Vegan

At the GFREEV Dinner on June 8, we will present The Total Package. In essence, it takes into consideration the entire spectrum of mindful dining.

The Total Package consists of: Organic, Local, Seasonal, Vegan, Gluten-Free, & Affordable Food.

This idea, of being a well-rounded, mindful consumer is actually MASSIVE in its motions towards implementing a new order. In reality though, it’s really simple.

What is Simple, is not always Easy.

Even before taking up this position, I’d been on a quest to seek out truly healthful foods that satisfy all of my desires.

Kitty on a Table (Not as a Meal)

You Are What You Eat.

To better prove the difficulty in being simple, and the importance of taking into consideration The Total Package– let’s journey to some recently past experiences and meal choices….

Before the flood gates came crashing down and food flooded in– i Began to consciously consider the sort of things put into my body. Keeping harmful, hazardous items away from my insides acted as strong motivation to become a non-smoker.

One of the places that spend much of my time is the Ashbury Coffee House. WHICH i LOVE! & Am here now.

However, it is difficult for me in particular to pick an item from their menu. It is even more difficult staying away from the: Caramel Brownies, Cinnamon Swirl Cake, Cookie & Cream Pie or the COMA Brownie!!!

Usually, the choice is a Hot Cocoa with a Shot of Espresso.

Sets my tummy a swirling!!

Once that’s gone, the couple who both own & run the joint are kind enough to serve me HOT WATER. Just the way I like it.

My goal is to find something more filling than tea to act as my starter that is lower on the sugar scale. Chocolate is a great filler. It makes my belly feel full, so that I am not hungry during the hours spent typing away.

Only Vegan when made with Soy Milk.

In an attempt to venture further on my journey of discovering WHOLESOME foods, served up in a mindful manner, i stepped into an out of the way place called: Mind Your Own Business.

MYOB is right off the Hollywood stop in Brookfield       (my favorite Suburb!!)   And, the owner’s utilize social media to interact & inform their clientele of what’s happening.

That alone won my heart.

A friendly foodie informed me of MYOB, on Friday of last week. That all of their menu items are locally sourced, that it’s delicious & that the couple who run the joint are so laid back that they choose their own hours (woo-hoo!!)

People, planet & profit = the triple bottom line

So, on Saturday i called ahead just to be sure we’d get in the door. Inside, it was super cozy- while waiting for food my pal & i played Mancala. [CARLY 5, Nick 0]

While we dined the Renegade Chef named Ned, came out twice to converse about my BRIGHT ORANGE hat. He has sea foam colored hair & a neon green hat. We’re going to take on Brookfield some night like a pair of bandits.

Barbie, the blogger was so friendly that i kinda wanted to hug her when she came to our table.

The Green Dragon Soup was spicy just the way i Like it! [the spice made my nose run a bit & my ears began to tingle each time i took a slurp- YUM!]

Notable about both the Ashbury & MYOB is that the places themselves are LOCAL!

Their space is easy to become comfortable in, the owner’s let you know that this is a community place. Even though either place is further away than the local Starbucks or McDonald’s, the presence of places such as these make the need for the main stream null & void.

I do not crave a burger! And hot chocolate served up even at the ritziest of places downtown aren’t as lush as the hot cocoa i Look forward to during the week.

What I pay for is the atmosphere and the ability to spend time at a place where I know there are people similar to me.

Eating healthfully, is not a simple task. It certainly takes effort. Knowing which foods to avoid, having the sense of Self to say NO when a divine piece of red velvet cake is presented to you.

One of the best & easiest ways to implement healthy food into your lifestyle is to grow it on your own!

If you happen to be one of them city folk, without a garden you can share one with my pal’s at Benton House.

The Benton House Community Garden is well under way. Join in & Share the wealth.

Health is Wealth.

By the way, cme Go Local is one of the NEW Category’s for  CarlesBlog.

What do you think? Can you cme Go Local? Do you hear it being said the same way Chich & Chong say LOCO?!?

: ) cheers ( :


Steady Support System

Interestingly enough, it is impossible to move forward unless the established groundwork is solid.

For example, one cannot cross over a river on a bridge that has not yet been built.

The focus recently has been on support & structure. All too often people are pushing forward on ground that is surely to collapse beneath them.

For some years now, I have been watching this happen before my eyes. At times I have even had no choice but to take part in it. Always to my own chagrin.

It has been driving me mad all this time to see others strive towards change, to talk up big game, and to force  themselves into an uphill battle on the very same platform that causes them such grief in the first place.

is AnyOne willing to stop & consider the basis of their actions?

Last year, I was SO upset by this. I felt it was my obligation to point out the world’s misguided direction.  My actions to get people to see what they were doing now seem childish. I practically threw temper tantrums as a 24 year old. Feeling that I had the right answer made me so angry at what was going on,  that my [energies in motion] made it impossible for me to communicate the solution.

In hindsight,  it was an embarrassment to be me. Even more so than it was to be the person or persons who were unknowingly doing wrong.

More importantly, I realize now that it got me nowhere. Furthermore, it only pushed those who I was reaching out to, to do just as they were doing all the more.

In building the cme brand the one thing that is most often considered is its structure.

cme‘s focus is on WHY to do, and HOW to do. To act in accordance with its underlying & overarching values. What actually comes from that is of little importance compared to the mindful steps that are taken to produce it.

I care nothing of making clothes. My wish is to inspire transformation from the inside out!

cme is intended to enrich our lifestyle.

That’s why I’m starting with me!

It is truly essential to dress well.

By that I mean to wear clothing which compliments your figure, has a fit comfortable on your body, and ones that accomplish the appropriate image  for your current situation.

This can be a fun challenge for me on the days when I have the pleasure of suiting up for a variety of audiences; ranging from serious biz to bicycle workshop. Those days often are my favorite!

Awhile back, I began a post called Axis of Evelyn on CARLY. It’s been awhile since I’ve returned to that & even now that I am  getting back to it I am without camera (SHH!)

The season has changed just enough for me to return to my favorite sweater from the Axis, in the evenings. As a way to further prove that I really don’t spend TONS of $$$ on my threads and that I still am able to put together nifty outfits I thought my blog post should also return to this subject.

If you are keeping up, you may feel that I have an ax to grind. Not true! However, it is a primary goal within my own personal mission to define a sophisticated level of style on a shoe string budget.

[ I have yet to actually pen & ink CME’s mission,  biggest reason being that I need to experience it first in order to better grasp what it is that I am working towards– it’s going well so far. This method of construction really highlights imagination & brainstorming process while being an in-depth practice of critical analysis ].

Aside, tangent: It is downright difficult & so far impossible, to actually locate a definition of religious that does not absolutely emphasize religion & belief in a higher form.

As a renounced Catholic, I myself have had problems with religion in the past. Now, when I think of doing something religiously; I think of it as the taking up of a practice that is intended to help teach you something. A truly dedicated yogi/basketball player/ pianist practices religiously.

Religiously: (verb). To do without falter. To give one’s heart to its practice.                                            (close to my idea of it at least)

Even though it often seems that the one thing I would like to do most is simply a hobby in my life. I keep up with it religiously. My practice of perfecting my own artistic method of self expression is a religious practice. One that I adhere to more diligently than most practicing Catholics.

Without further ado, here is the outfit I wore around the house today & tonight.


( : : )

The top is from the Gap, Evelyn picked it for me. It is casually sexy. I don’t normally wear stripes & it’s taken me some time to come up with a way to wear this top so that it is comfortable on me. Comfortable as in I feel confident while wearing it.

And, I don’t normally wear bows while bummin’ around the house. It’s just suiting to have accessories in a picture intended to demonstrate a good sense of style. The bow came off of a present at Christmas. I will be seen wearing this ensemble one day outside of my house, SOON! Most likely while running errands.

This sweater is my absolute, all time favorite sweater!!!

It goes with everything.

One time a boy (man) was fooled into thinking that its abundant fuzziness meant it was made from bunnies.

(Definitely not!)

In keeping up with my religious practice, I decided to shelf this sweater for the summer & attempt to patch its massively gaping holes so that it might look more presentable.

No type of thread seems to sit well with this sweater. None are nearly as fuzzy. Many that have been tried were soon dismissed & carefully removed, so as not to cause any more damage. I will be truly grateful is this sweater sees it to Fall, 2011.

Now that you’ve seen my outfit, I’m putting on pajama’s & going to bed. I am so dedicated that I stayed up late just to get this done!