CME now?!?

Carles Blog is certainly where I love to spend my time most (on-line). In case, you like to wander the depths of social media & would like to do so in friendly company here is where else you can CME!


My resumé is better stated & elaborated upon, at LinkedIn, than the resumé you can download and print from this blog. You can also learn more about my mentality as it is focused towards business.




I LOVE TWITTER! Why? Because, I am an active learner… My mentality towards Twitter posts is to tweet what I’d like to remember or feel is important about whatever I am currently reading up on. Twitter helps me to slow down and retain information [by reiterating it in 164 characters or less] while quickly soaring through the world of information overload. It’s also where I find people that I feel connected with.


Facebook used to pose just as many problems as this here blog did– what side of Carly should I show? Is there be part of Carly that you should not know? Well, I used to think so. But now- you will see all of me! No holds, no bard. I am my brand.

Working Bikes Facebook

Better outfitted than my personal account is, most certainly! My most favored project to date (really). A collaborative project, though  if you are familiar with my voice than you’ll be able to quickly decipher the difference.

This page has certainly flourished since I’ve laid my hands upon it. Gaining speed daily. Geared up with Chicago, bicycle, & better world essentials. I have a seriously exciting plan for this page & cannot wait to see it all unfold! : )


I do not spend enough time here. This will change. A really good form of social media none the less. Actually, possibly the best in my book. Local + Active + Specific Interest = Seeing people in action on a regular basis.  If you ride bikes in Chicago– please be my friend! I need supportive friends in this area of my life more than anything else!! Better yet- let’s ride bikes!

And, if all of that isn’t enough to for ya:

I send & receive e-mails here. Can you find the magic hidden  number?

: )   ( :


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