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 This blog is on pause. 

What exists on this site no longer accurately reflects who I am as a person. Nor does it cater directly to the interests of its writer, or of its readers.

Something is brewing beneath the surface. Critical mass is not too far off.

My intention when this project began was to enhance the mundane. My intention still remains.

Change has occurred in the sense that I am no longer seeking only to serve mySelf. Methods of projecting this more properly are currently undergoing careful scrutiny & creative enhancement. My words, thoughts & kitchen concoctions are for the many others who stand to benefit. This is no longer about me.

So, if you check-in here because you know me personally, are directed here by a business card, or happen to stumble upon this by way of search engine optimization– know that there is more to come. And, once it arrives it’s gonna make you say- WHOA!! : )

Before parting ways to dive deep into development, I’d like to share a piece of  insight:

The winds of change are upon us all. While the world around us may be likened to this blog in its inaccurate reflection of what truly exists- it is up to us as individuals & as a collective to seek out & to do that which makes us whole. Allow the winds to take you in a different direction. Be patient. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Know that what we hold in our hearts and in our mind is our reality exactly. Don’t put yourself down, especially when things go wrong. Make time to quiet down your own inner chitter chatter.  Listen to the voice inside of you. It exists so that it may guide you. Practice this alone & greatness will be obtained. And, when the road grows dark  hold strength in your heart. You will be lead into the light.  Walking the path is not easy but the pay-off will be rewarding endlessly. Faith is key!!

Thank you, Readers!! I do love you.

: ) ( :

P.S. This space may still be used for timely up-dates on career oriented activities.


Developing the New SOP

The Abyss Awaits.
Thanks to Suresh N on Picasa

Leaping forward toward a career with tasks that are varying, in a position that is evolving while I work toward building a foundation that is truly beneficial to Mother Earth and her people.

To explore fun without frivolity!

Within a supportive, welcoming community.

: )

You see, this new Standard Operating Procedure is about taking care of me.

I’ve done all of my homework and I’ve put in my time. I’ve gotten so into the groove of things that now I’m revvin’ up the rhyme.

Ready to apply my well-crafted skills. To be put to the test.

Let me show you how I am the best.

A worker at heart. Ready at the start.

Get out there!  Get dirty! Get busy! Get the job done!

C’mon, already. You know it’ll be fun!!

To embrace opportunities. To learn and to grow.

This show, has just begun.

Not to work just for money. To be motivated by the task that is at hand!!

To have my material needs met. Without having to over extend.

To be workin’ for real. To be on the job.

To know when it is time to stop.

To enjoy the time in between. To rest. To see what’s more.

Being able to live your life is what workin’ is for.

LOVE being Team player. Am also a Leader.

Let’s put my hands to good use! My voice, use that too. Have my words be heard.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Let’s express. Let’s expand. Work together! Let’s get going! Now do you comprehend?

Structure   Standards   Morals

Collaboration Exploration

Motivation from within

  No days that go without High-fives & Good job guy’s

What I am looking for in a job is what I want out of LIFE!

& it’s time…

: ) ( :

The International Bedlam Society welcomes in the revival of the Festival of Dionysus!! At Transamoeba Studios Friday & Saturday, 7-10p.m., March  9-24, 2012.

Dionysus has returned to the House of Cadmus to exact his revenge on those who have spoken out slanderous words against him. With him he brings spectacle, dibauchery, raunchiness, and Classical Mythology indicative of its original form. And of course, his Secret Rites…

Suckling, Sparagmos!!


Audience members are encouraged to get in on the action. Come in costume. Scream, drink, jump on stage, kick, laugh,  join in on the suckling or even better some sparagmos!

Celebrate the Secret Rites that remind us of what it means to be human. Dive into the unadultered stories of Zeus, Paris, Orpheus, Icarus, Oedipus, and Pentheus.

Have you ever wondered why a young boy named Icarus was imprisoned in the first place? We know the truth and can’t wait to share it!

This sort of thing can’t be shared with just anyone though.

Only those who participate may know the Secret Rites.

Festival of Dionysus ignited theatre in Athens. This marks the end of days when dulled down, Disney edited versions rule the stage.

Props & setting sponsored by Salvage One. Silent Auction open for all materials provided by Salvage One for the duration of the run.

Additional Accompaniment provided by:

Amy & Ananda Bliss Tribe March 9,10
Aerial Fire Performance Magik & Goforth of the Detroit Fire Guild March 16,17

Fee to enter is $10. In costume is $8, costume rentals are $2.
Password to enter the Secret Rites: Sparagmos (Spa- rag – mos)


Go crazy a little or go crazy a lot.   
Sooner or later we all go mad.  

: ) ( :

Since the onset of Spring, I’d set my intention to organize, clean up, clear out and inventory all of the tons of stuff I’ve managed to accumulate over the past few years that was cluttering up my parents house.

Of course, Summer being my professional “busy season,” getting around to actually acting on my intention was easily & consistently put off.

Simply looking at the monumental work load ahead that was intended for me to make something of myself, was really overwhelming. I avoided it seamlessly by picking up a few things here & there– pinning them together & dancing around in front of the mirror totally lost in my magic nation land.

So, when I saw my favorite color [orange]  bursting brightly in flame filled fashion from my bedroom– I felt fear, panic and relief. With all that stuff burnt to a crisp, I would have been free to start over. Which may have been easier…

Once my Dad had squelched the flames with his handy dandy fire extinguisher and it was safe to approach my former sanctuary, I did. Everything I felt was in my lungs. At that moment, I’d been doing a fantastic job staying away from the ciggy’s. The whole thing was like a welling up that once again I managed to avoid releasing.

Breathing was difficult with the still smoke filled air. My Sister & Brother did a great  job keeping it cool, while still ensuring  that the moment was just as dramatic as it was deserving of. The smoke had a thick texture to it that I felt filling up my pores as it quickly  took over my lungs and taste buds.

The fire extinguisher left behind it’s own flavors that even at this moment make my mouth turn.

What was used to put out the fire cause more damage, stuck around a lot longer and proved to be way more difficult to clean up after than the fire itself.

Looking around my room was one of the strangest experiences ever.

My bedroom, is how I’d come to identify my Self. Its contents directly reflected the rapid changes that I mySelf, have been going through over the past few years. It, like me, experienced an onslaught of one transitory phase after the next. Swift as the swing of the pendulum.     Now this.
In it was everything I’d created, worked for & cherished. It was my office, my study, my place of practice, my studio, where I slept, the space I shared with My Love Trey. In essence– the one place in the world where I could go for solitude.

In one quick instant FIRE!!

Without even considering how long I’d spend sleeping on the floor of my Sister’s room, only to move onto the couch (a step down in comfort), I was overwhelmed knowing that the one thing I’d been clutching onto was no longer there. Serves me right, I’m sure.

Shockingly, not too much was damaged or destroyed. Sure sign that the universe intends to keep me on my path. Even more surprising was how little I cared for the contents– my collections, my works, my everything. I couldn’t care less about it. Looking around, seeing it all in its new smokey state. My thought was What’s here that I couldn’t be without? Nothing.

I still had to deal with it.

Deal with it I did. Moved everything out. Littered up the rest of the household. Finally got  down to work!

Before the fire cleanly clutter is what I lived in. After the fire I took a minimalist approach. Sort of.

Inventoried & organized my way through August and early September. Spent two lovely Sunday’s making a SPLASH at the Logan Square Farmers Market. One Sunday being rained on, networking & getting noticed at The Vintage Bazaar.

Getting acclimated with the fine art of selling. Seeing my stuff off to new owners. Making frequent trips to the thrift store to make deposits. Picking up new items to suit my new Life. All good things.

My wardrobe is the finest example of my most recent transition. I’ve taken on a uni-formal approach. Sort of. A much nicer route for one with a  creative mind. Not having a closet busting with options makes room for more constructive thoughts.

Father finally came to agree that the closet doors weren’t worth having any longer. Finally.

I write now in the living room of my family cottage on Big Blue Lake, Michigan. Here, I will stay until at least Thanksgiving. My campaign for Thanksgiving at the cottage commenced.

A step in my own direction, sort of. After going through everything the most logical conclusion was to do something constructive with it. As I’d intended to do long ago. Most of what was kept is to be made into something.

Looking for work anywhere is not an easy task. Living with my parents causes me to feel blockage whenever I consider taking on a large creative endeavor. (Like mySelf).

My desire is to be a designer. More than that. Upon first playing with the idea, my mind kept being drawn back to the sort of lifestyle that should be promoted along with the goods. The clothing only being a method for promoting this lifestyle. This blog is another.

My first task was to dive into the way of being. Plenty of experience was gained there. Still, I toil. And, I am glad for where I am at.

Saturday morning, hurried 40 mile per hour winds met me again & knocked the new pontoon boat into the dock which set its pieces loose to float away on their own.  I threw on my boots and ran off after the dock. It would have made more sense to simply strip down.

Wet all the way up to my thighs & with the water being warmer than the air I decided to just go under. BRRRRR, was it chilly!! Took some talking into too.

Afterward was amazing! Once I got over being cold, I was HOT!! Felt so good, all day long.

The winds are a changin’!
No question about that.

: )

It has been chosen not to send the fore mentioned resume, as stated.


Because I’d deserve to be taken seriously.  To act accordingly.

What’s up?

Layla ran away again. This morning she sort of crept off during centering. It was sure to happen eventually.

Leaving for long periods of time is a really bad habit of hers. It’s the reason she is always locked up. It’s also my initial reason for hating her guts.

Considering:  priority plans, money management, Career hmmm, moves & goals.                                                                                      How men are littered into my life–                                                                                                                                                                       Proper sorting & decontamination efforts                                                                                                                                                            Where my girls at?                                                                                                                                                                                                         LOVE   …

— Focused on a simple theme —

Musing over homemaker dreams. Appreciating how homemaking carves a huge chunk into my life.                                      Connecting it to the notion of husbandry, as being the act of caring for homestead animals.

Recently recovered from a sting felt by the failure of yet another attempt to leave La La La Grange, for good.

June 8: GFREEV (Gluten Free Vegan) Dinner & Awards at Ravenswood Event Center. Ensuring event sustainability & adding to the decor.

June 10: Brother Matthew officially becomes a Professional Psychologist i.e.  Master’s degree.

( His well-educated next step is to make an Exit towards Ecuador, in October. )

June 17: HomeGirl, Sandra gets hitched. Weeeee ha!!

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday’s: Making shakes & taking names behind the counter at the Back Alley Burger.

Pulling weekends for Working Bikes.


Holding onto high hopes of all things taking a turn in a favorable direction.


Cottage during the chilly Spring time


Welcome Summer!!


I realize that this blog gets ignored at times.
Sometimes, I simply don’t feel like sharing. Or, like all forms of creativeness…
The inspiration appears at will.

The Universe is testing me…


The waves inside of me are not this calm.

In hectic times where the pull between money matters and hearts desires feels as if your limbs were tied to horses moving toward separate directions…

Thank you, Dana Weber


Single tasking is better for the brain & for the person performing the task.

Practice makes perfect.

Which is why, it is so important–

To Practice Perfectly!

breath deep…

: ) ( :

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