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Dandyism: a literary and  artistic style of the latter part of the 19th century marked by artificiality & excessive refinement.  A well dressed man. A fop.

Devendra Banhart

Dandyism was Steven’s response to the post on Sexy Suits, written in his honor.

At first, I felt that he was put off by the post & that the word dandy was in reference to being characterized as homosexual.

Not true! Necessarily. Dandyism is in reference of men, who take extra particular care to their way of dress. In research for this post I learned that a more current representation of this is Hippie Glam.

Devendra Banhart shown here, is an example of this.

The boho/hippie look certainly appears to be making its presence known once again in our culture. I feel that it was just here.

Which is a surprising juxtaposition to this dandy little trend that we’re seeing. Especially, when combined with the fact that cloaks are HUGE right now. Why?!? Is this a surprising juxtaposition?

Dressing to a meticulous degree, or to dawn a cloak is to give off an aura of sophistication. Try wearing a cloak for a day and see for yourself just what your are able to do: not much.

Hippies on the other hand dress for practicality. Or so that their skirts will swirl when dancing.

The current trend of dressing up, makes me think that people are tired of working hard, tired of being broke and just plain damn tired of being tired.

Which is totally cool with me. I’ve been holding down the sophisticated style this whole time. I never quite understood why hipsters wanted to dress like they were bums.

For me, it’s about the future. Dress for what you’d like to be, for how you’d like to be.

That goes for everything, not just clothes.

Call upon the future, don’t dwell.

It just might get you somewhere!

: ) ( :



Meet Chuck Bass

Dear friend–  Steven, has been talking a lot lately about changing up his look.

The other night while sitting in a dimly lit, local watering hole, I saw a glimpse of Chuck Bass in Steven & thought: WOW! There’s real opportunity here!

Of course, Steven, whose biggest influence is Carl Jung had no idea what Gossip Girl, or who Chuck Bass is. We like him better that way anyhow.

The only show that I make a point to watch each week is Gossip Girl.

Why? Because it’s sexy.

Each & every ensemble that blesses my television screen is absolutely spectacular! Not to mention the drama. Oh! The Drama!

The show itself has had a major impact on the way girlies in America dress themselves, I’m sure of it. Simply do a Google search for Gossip Girl fashion blogs. You’ll quickly get a clear sense of its impact.

Last season, I attended a Chicago Gossip Girl Blog launch & premier party. The blog was designed almost in protest of all of the fashion blogs that have popped up around the show & was intended to simply be a discussion forum for fans of the show.a.k.a. Ed Westwick

[I would not suggest attending a party to watch the season premier of your favorite show].

Gossip Girl is my weekly planned alone time. It’s also TiVo’d, so commercial set-backs are eliminated.

Watching football with a group of people might be fine for those who watch football. But, it’s a terrible thing to mentally drown out noise from the bar & to move your head around in an effort to avoid late comers while your favorite show is on-screen.

Steven’s expressed ideas about picking a character to be and to be that character for a period of time. A good idea! (Potentially pricey).

He’s also expressed intentions of professionalizing his appearance. Something that apparently left his brain as quickly as it came. Last I checked, that idea no longer applied.  Very sad.

Steven is merely the inspiration for this post. And, a damn good excuse to spend some time sifting through the internet in search of sexy pictures of Chuck Bass a.k.a. Ed Westwick. Really, one shouldn’t need an excuse. He is a Fantasy Worthy Gent! [Though sometimes a spark helps to get one moving in a good direction].

black is always sexy

According to some of the Spring/Summer 2011 runway shows I’ve seen recently the Power Suit is back in business babay! WOO HOO!

Only this time, it’s not just for men. Actually, Alexander McQueen has women wearing the suit of power. The soundtrack to the show makes it worth watching more than once.

The power suit, does not have to include shoulder pads, nor does it have to be strictly dark colors. Vibrant colors of darker shades is a must.

Power suits should be worn by men & women alike– After checking in on what’s to come, I couldn’t help but think the sort of respect Hillary Clinton would have drummed up had she worn a power suit vs. a pant suit.

The necessary point to grab from this argument, is that it’s time to exude a true sense of power. Let’s learn to be chic.

According to Chuck Bass & Henry Miller power = being Fearless.

Back to the story at hand…

It’s great that a character dressed as Chuck Bass, has decided to grace America’s pop-culture.

He is just what young men need to know that it is perfectly OKAY to get away from the gray.

I love grey! Still, it’s kinda boring & actually quite sad. To see a sea of it on a regular basis is enough to drive a person to wear pink!

He’s also a good example that men can have fun with their wardrobe, just as women do!

Harper Bazaar SEXY!

All too often, men are stuck in the same pant & button down routine. It’s boring!!

From a rhetorical perspective, it makes me think that men are oppressed when it comes to being accepted by fashion.

Though, if you look out for the shapely shorts men will be wearing this Spring, you’ll get a glimpse of what appears to be a Manly Fashion Revolution. Ya, man leg!

This look,  has really already been fully accepted by plenty of men. Many of whom ride bikes, love their own hot asses and have decided to cut off their skinny jeans into short-shorts, so that the world can have a full on gander at their rockin’ bods.

Clemence Poesy

Of course, if you have a rockin’ bod, than you should show it off! This gal here is Clemence Poesy. French actor & model who had a guest appearance on Gossip Girl, earlier this season.

She’s the sort of good lookin’ lady who doesn’t always look fabulous. Not that she’s unkempt, but from certain angles her good looks vanish. Actually, she’s the sort of looker who looks slightly different each time you see her.

These pictures have been added simply for the sake of looking at them….


still gorgeous, but see the difference?


Steven, is possibly the only man in my world who is both straight & willing to move beyond the typical man look. I know plenty of men willing to dress up like women & usually out-do me in putting together a flashy evening ensemble, but those men don’t count.

Straight men need to be given the tools to step out and to play with their wardrobe. Hipster boys don’t count either!

I am a big fan of the deep cut V-neck shirt, but only if the guy wearing it has the chest hair to back it up. Most don’t.

What I really would like to push here is well-dressed men.

: )

Men who will play dress-up just as good as any girl!!!

What I would give to see a reddish brown suit on the street…


By good, I mean with confidence. By confidence, I mean to do so comfortably.

Women are instructed to move away from the business look on date night.

However, it would be astonishing if a guy were to move beyond the simply button down, striped & collared, and added on a suit jacket.

This has been done, yes. I typically see it on men in the mid 30’s + range. Rarely, is the suit jacket intended for evening wear. If it is, the jacket is black velvet. [Wah, wah]. That only lasts for so long…

Once, I caught a real live glimpse of a blue velvet suit coat via. Axis of Evelyn. Actually, I played a strong hand in selling that to the husband of a major local gallery owner. He looked large & in charge with this jacket on, even wearing white washed jeans! Plus, it was right before Christmas.

[Blue velvet has been an awesome addition to the holidays in the past few years, it’s really really great for NYE!]

A hint of 70's

Suits, suits & more suits…

Another way to sexy up a man, is to throw on a bandanna. It’s been a growing trend in the hippy world for both men & women. This pic here shows how you can class it up.

Change up that tie for a bandanna in the summer!



What we learn has the power to change our perceptions. Sometimes, it takes seeing ourselves through someone else’s perspective to change what we see in the mirror.

I do have a tendency to partake in the endless sifting through internet pages. Thanks to The New Rules of Marking & PR by David Meerman Scott, (my current choice for keeping the proverbial hand wet). Last night, I Googled myself!


Lately, I have not been a very big fan of seeing my own picture, or even a reflection in the mirror for that matter. My self image is improving. Along with it, so is my actual image. Though, it is important to state clearly that: without the loss of my beauty I never would have turned my focus inward to discover just exactly what is holding me back from being a truly beautiful person. Still a work in progress…

I came across a Flickr spread for Chicago Calling, Bicycles & the Arts. An event that I definitely wore the wrong outfit to!

I thought I knew how to stand up straight...

The dress shown here is actually the top half of a rice paddy suit that I obtained while working with Evelyn. It’s currently being embroidered.

Rice paddy suits are worn while working in knee – waist high water with a humid climate to boot. So they are built to for air flow so that the person wearing it can have some ventilation. The top picture demonstrates the very high slit that runs down each side of the dress. (It goes much higher than what is shown).

I did in fact stitch this slit a noticeable amount. The bottom was hemmed about 8 inches. What was extra material from the hem line was turned into a belt, which was lost that same weekend to a hotel room paid for by Farm Aid. (They can keep the belt!) The back in fact, did turn out exactly how I’d intended.

I wore my new dress out for the first time to this event. It was nerve racking & really I should have just thrown any pair of shorts on underneath. My mirrors somehow managed to get covered up with me not liking my looks… When I went to entertain an interested party with the bike machine– I almost jumped off it immediately when I saw just how much I was showing off!

Bike Frame

And, of course for the first time in my life I managed not to over pack for an out of town trip– so the bag I brought along with me was unable to help me make up for the fact that I really do need someone to tell me what I look like before walking out of the door. (Sometimes)!

M@ actually gave a super, well educated speech about WBC. His engineering perspective on the subject is one thing that my speals always lack.

Dear M@ is no stranger to the spotlight. Standing in the middle of the floor, patiently waiting for a neighborly bicycle organization to speak with over the phone (while the eyes of strangers are upon me, dawning something that I did not feel comfortable i.e. confident in).

M@ magically appeared with the microphone. So, when it came time to discuss our own neighborly organization, I let him take the stage. More importantly, to sit on the bicycle.

The above photo nearly accurately depicts the high rise slit on each of my sides.



His outfit was very well put together.

The moral of the story is that even though I was disappointed in my decision at the time– looking back on it now, I think I look pretty good. I’m a big fan of the lines & the way the accentuate my shape.

I should. The outfit was pinned to be sewn while it was on my body! Really, what I’m most sorry about at this moment is that I don’t have a full-frontal to show you how really good I looked on this particular evening. In an outfit created, crafted & designed by CME.

: )


p.s. I’m looking for an editor.

It is truly essential to dress well.

By that I mean to wear clothing which compliments your figure, has a fit comfortable on your body, and ones that accomplish the appropriate image  for your current situation.

This can be a fun challenge for me on the days when I have the pleasure of suiting up for a variety of audiences; ranging from serious biz to bicycle workshop. Those days often are my favorite!

Awhile back, I began a post called Axis of Evelyn on CARLY. It’s been awhile since I’ve returned to that & even now that I am  getting back to it I am without camera (SHH!)

The season has changed just enough for me to return to my favorite sweater from the Axis, in the evenings. As a way to further prove that I really don’t spend TONS of $$$ on my threads and that I still am able to put together nifty outfits I thought my blog post should also return to this subject.

If you are keeping up, you may feel that I have an ax to grind. Not true! However, it is a primary goal within my own personal mission to define a sophisticated level of style on a shoe string budget.

[ I have yet to actually pen & ink CME’s mission,  biggest reason being that I need to experience it first in order to better grasp what it is that I am working towards– it’s going well so far. This method of construction really highlights imagination & brainstorming process while being an in-depth practice of critical analysis ].

Aside, tangent: It is downright difficult & so far impossible, to actually locate a definition of religious that does not absolutely emphasize religion & belief in a higher form.

As a renounced Catholic, I myself have had problems with religion in the past. Now, when I think of doing something religiously; I think of it as the taking up of a practice that is intended to help teach you something. A truly dedicated yogi/basketball player/ pianist practices religiously.

Religiously: (verb). To do without falter. To give one’s heart to its practice.                                            (close to my idea of it at least)

Even though it often seems that the one thing I would like to do most is simply a hobby in my life. I keep up with it religiously. My practice of perfecting my own artistic method of self expression is a religious practice. One that I adhere to more diligently than most practicing Catholics.

Without further ado, here is the outfit I wore around the house today & tonight.


( : : )

The top is from the Gap, Evelyn picked it for me. It is casually sexy. I don’t normally wear stripes & it’s taken me some time to come up with a way to wear this top so that it is comfortable on me. Comfortable as in I feel confident while wearing it.

And, I don’t normally wear bows while bummin’ around the house. It’s just suiting to have accessories in a picture intended to demonstrate a good sense of style. The bow came off of a present at Christmas. I will be seen wearing this ensemble one day outside of my house, SOON! Most likely while running errands.

This sweater is my absolute, all time favorite sweater!!!

It goes with everything.

One time a boy (man) was fooled into thinking that its abundant fuzziness meant it was made from bunnies.

(Definitely not!)

In keeping up with my religious practice, I decided to shelf this sweater for the summer & attempt to patch its massively gaping holes so that it might look more presentable.

No type of thread seems to sit well with this sweater. None are nearly as fuzzy. Many that have been tried were soon dismissed & carefully removed, so as not to cause any more damage. I will be truly grateful is this sweater sees it to Fall, 2011.

Now that you’ve seen my outfit, I’m putting on pajama’s & going to bed. I am so dedicated that I stayed up late just to get this done!


Dear Blog World-

This blog post is dedicated to tooting my own horn…

Yesterday, a gentleman informed me that the two outfits he has seen me in, must have cost well over $300! (each)

He was rather up in arms about it and slightly put-off by the fact that I would spend so much on an outfit. The comment was not intended as a compliment, to say the least.

Not true at all, sir!

I’ll take it as a compliment.

I fully admit that spending money on clothing is a bit of a problem that I’m actively working to squelch. However, I can honestly say that within the last two years, I have never spent more than $40 on one particular item of clothing, and rarely do I ever spend more than $20. Most of the time it is much less than that. My limit is usually $10, I prefer it to be under $5.

I do however work for the lovely and talented Evelyn Daitchman, at Axis of Evelyn.

I am not afraid to admit that I spend my time there, purely for my own personal pleasure & the knowledge gained from working with such a talented woman. Nor am I afraid to admit that she pays me  purely in clothing. Sometimes, it’s on loan.  (But, surely none of the good stuff which she is able to sell for a boat load of money is ever included in that).

As a young person, I was often frustrated in school when I saw plenty of other girls walking around in new outfits all the time, while I rotated between the same 5 shirts and did my best to jazz up my outfit so as to look like my clothing was different.

I am totally over that!

In fact, I am grateful to never have had money to splurge on clothing, because without it I’ve been able to develop my very own unique style- which apparently is attention getting.

This person also accused me of being a label whore.

Also not true. I don’t care about labels. For anyone who knows me is also aware that I am against labels on a multitude of levels, clothing included.

His downfall, and instant demise of credibility was when he made it painfully obvious that he does not know what  Carhart is/produces. (Working man’s attire).

His label whore name calling though,  meant that the wonderful vest I constructed from a Carhart zip-up, given to me by a friend a few years back, no longer resembles something that a man would like to wear while workin’ hard!


Said vest was one of my first creations as well, which is even more exciting news! The majority of it was sewn by hand too!

To further back up my argument that this lady’s got style! Here are my two outfits:

1st outfit: $6 thrift store dark colored Levi’s cut above the ankle (by me to avoid getting caught in a bike chain), a yellow blouse I worked to earn & paid nothing for (this actually has a designer label), a scarf a friend brought to me from Spain(probably not very expensive b/c she had no $$ at that time), and my favorite vest recently discussed in this very post.

2nd outfit: $5 leggings from TJ Max-black, a pinky/orange vintage crochet dress given to me by a neighbor because I love clothing and she trusted that I will preserve it or use it wisely (I do!), a T-shirt representing the days festivities (Jizz Fest) and a $3 yellow & multi-colored striped ladies flannel found at Brown Elephant, belted together by an army artillery belt that was given to me by a Green Festival volunteer and only cost $1, with a pair of $5 vintage dangly earrings & a necklace made by yours truly of found objects.

Two days worth of outfits and totaling in $19 out of my pocket. : )

I received a number of compliments on my wacky outfit yesterday by a variety of styled persons. People actually came up to me to look at my outfit closer!

The goal was to dress so that I would stand out in the crowd, hence the yellow. I learned that this is essential when working an event b/c by being easily identifiable in a crowd you are found that much faster in a time of need & the extra-ordinary outfits tend to let patrons know that you are there to work, not play. It also encourages strangers to come to you & chat.

The other & main goal was to look like a rocker chick– my current haircut makes this hard to avoid sometimes, I feel.

My outfit did rock! Too bad,  I was the one with the camera, so there may not be proof of this to show later. You’re going to have to take my word on this one.

The night before last, I also received a drunk call from a very dear friend who had spent the evening with a fashionista, to inform that my style is so much better. Thank you, kind sir!

Point being, it doesn’t take a boat load of cash to look good. I actually managed to offend someone by being so well-dressed.  Who could have seen that one coming?

Great style and a well-put together out-fit will get you far, just as long as you don’t expect it to do all the work for you!

Feeling comfortable in your attire can make you feel like a million bucks! It can also fool others into believing that you frivolously spend away all of your money on nice looking things. (I did do my best to explain myself, but that only made this person more frustrated with me and that’s when the name calling began).

Oh ya, while on the subject of my wearing fabulously pulled together threads-  recent news dictates that I have an opportunity to put the proverbial feather in my cap.


This girl, right here will be organizing Vert Couture! Chicago Fashion Week’s grand finale and only eco-fashion show!

On that note, I’d also like to mention that I am very good at keeping myself sober at these fun working events, which definitely comes in handy when dealing with drunks!


Evelyn was on WGN news recently.

She was also presented on ABC a month ago.

(For some reason I am unable to properly embed today).

And, the reason I’m showing you all this goodness, is so that this article doesn”t have to stand alone. (Although not a video this one here is my favorite).

It certainly all adds up to make one nice package. And I’m ALL FOR a nice package!!!

they're everywhere!


My love just left me. He waited in bed for over an hour and once he realized there was little chance of getting near me he took off to find his own adventure.

So, on with the fantasy!

Wayne Coyne

If you are going to fantasize about a man, than you might as well fantasize about a man who can cook up a good fantasy on his own.

Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne is just that person!

Check out his artwork, listen to any Flaming Lips album,(his artwork is most likely there),  indulge in an interview, check out a show! Flaming Lips have a cult following for very obvious reasons once you’ve experienced their live performance.

This video here gives you a pretty good feel for the whole sha-bang!


In order to better inform, I linked the Wikipedia page on Mr. Coyne.

In the process,  learned that he too is a Capricorn- just like yours truly!

He’s married, of course.

Still, I would like to note that Caps are pretty much the only sun signs with a good chance for intermingled relationship success. Thanks to our unmatched determination to make things work.

lead on

I’m partial to a man who has a defined personal style. It’s really amazing to find a guy who likes to play dress up to an extent that at least compliments my own. There’s plenty of gay boys or bro’s who dress up but are nowhere near approachable. Gay boys for obvious reasons, bro’s usually have dense ego’s and are no fun beyond the glance. Momentary fantasies can be cooked up here. Visualizing what it would be like just to walk next to this neatly dressed dude for a minute.

Wayne is commonly seen wearing the suit. If there is a tie chances are it won’t be tied up, signifying the casual attitude of the man dawning it. The first rule to being well dressed (unless you’re seriously high fashion and of the notion that sacrifice is quintessential) is to be comfortable.

just be yourSelf!

Curls, beards, butts and brown eyed brunettes are what draw me in! Oh! And older men. His grey curly’s only signify a higher level of maturity.

Let’s face it, ladies (for the most part) aren’t all about just doing the damn thang! When it comes to really going at it, the pillow talk is just as important as the orgasmic blow-out.

This goes back to our inherent nature of choosing just the right male to help us carry on our genes. Women get one egg each month. Men are almost limitless in the amount of potential’s they create. Once we have chosen it takes us 9 months and then some before we can get another go at reproducing again. Where as men, can blow and go. (hehe) So, females naturally have to have higher standards than males do.

Being able to have solid conversation with someone during the intermittent periods is important because of that brief 9 month period.


Playful optimistic leader types are right up the Carles back alley.

Imagine getting saucy in a large inflated ball while bouncing around a crowd of 3,000.

It’s okay! Don’t be embarrassed in your own imagination.

Having a good personality to boot really does hammer it in for a fantasy worthy man. In between pregnancies it might be nice to go out for a giggle. Ya know what I’m saying?


And really, who can resist a musician?

Well.  My love has returned it’s time to leave the world of fantasy and get into dreamland.

pleasant dreams

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