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Ya, me.

I’ve been tagging everything when I should have been linking it!

Won’t happen again folks!

Last night, Mindful Metropolis hosted its 3rd (SUCCESSFUL)  Mindful Live Event- The Shadow Effect.

The event was splendid-illy!

It was like a sea of smiley happy faces.

Friendships were formed. Food and beverage was consumed. The movie was thought provoking and well depicted. People stayed long after for the Q&A.  I felt a real sense of community.

Prior to the movie screening sponsors and patrons had an opportunity to interact and get to know each other on a deeper level.

During this time I had the pleasure of assisting Ginger Bliss Juice. A Chicago based company who is all about one of my favorite roots.

They were serving up ginger pineapple juice which is absolutely delicious!!!

What an adorable ginger

Kemoy, who is from Jamaica and is one of the co-founders offered up some very useful insight on how to go about prepping this wonderful root for tea. She LOVES GINGER! Ginger Bliss came into existence out of her sincere appreciation for the root itself and the pleasure she derives from making healthy, delicious juices from it.

See, I used to slice it into as tiny slices as I possibly could (not very thin). Then take one of those tools you use to pound meat with (?) & mash it up as good as I could before boiling it. A loud, messy, sometimes dangerous and somewhat exhausting process.

Kemoy said: shave it with a carrot peeler.

What a novel idea! I’ve already ran out to the store and purchased a ginger root to try this out. Why? Well

GINGER is GREAT in winter. And good for the soul.

real ginger

Benefits of ginger:

Ginger when consumed goes directly to the upper respiratory system. Making it an epic way to combat a cold or a cough.

It’s spice is great relief on a sore throat. Really, when you have a cold you need something spicy to shock your senses back into action!         I gulp it down each time I attempt to quit the nasty fuming mouth habit.

Hand in hand with its respiratory benefits, ginger is also circulation enhancer.

Relieves inflammation (Inflammation is a common problem here in the U.S. One that Western medicine is unable to provide a cure for, nor is it able to identify causes of. )

It has been shown that it stops cancer cell growth in ovaries. (Ovarian cancer is a rising problem these days).

Combats nausea

Relieves both menstrual cramps and morning sickness (This is beginning to sound like something women should just keep around the house)

A palette cleanser (Have you ever seen candied ginger served alongside of sushi?)

On that note it also works as a great breath freshener


Ginger tea, How to:

Peel off outer layer. Carrot peelers are a handy tool for this job!

Slice thinly

Bring pot of water to boil

Add ginger

Cover pot & bring to a simmer

Allow 15-20 minutes before uncovering

Cool and enjoy!

So ginger.

Go store buy some.

Brookfield Library is now re-open and ready for you!

Stop by soon and check out the new renovations.

An up and coming post will be on all of the lovely (and some not so lovely) nickname’s that I’ve been given throughout my life.

This hunk is also named Carles

If you are unaware my birth name is : Carly.

Given to me because my parents were really anticipating a male child and really loved Carlos Santana.

So, if you were curious- NO I was not named after Carly Simon.

Also, my mother hales from a rather large Catholic family, and like all good Catholic girls of her day her birth name is Mary. However, everyone calls my mom Peg. She was never once called Mary as a child except by the nuns who used to beat her for not responding to her name.

My mother thought she would do me a solid by giving me a name that would not allow for goofy nicknames. Boy was she off. I really can’t wait to share with you all the derivatives people have come up with over the years.

Recently, my friend George (Martin not Mesches) came up with the greatest nickname EVER! (Actually this is a spin off of my most common nickname Carles.)

Please allow me to introduce myself:


I took it out with me to a concert last week and let me tell you- it’s like butter and magic all rolled into one!

I feel it truly encapsulates my true personality as well. Carles-in charge makes me love being me ten times more than I did before-really!

So, Thank you George Martin! You are a dear friend!