Developing the New SOP

The Abyss Awaits.
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Leaping forward toward a career with tasks that are varying, in a position that is evolving while I work toward building a foundation that is truly beneficial to Mother Earth and her people.

To explore fun without frivolity!

Within a supportive, welcoming community.

: )

You see, this new Standard Operating Procedure is about taking care of me.

I’ve done all of my homework and I’ve put in my time. I’ve gotten so into the groove of things that now I’m revvin’ up the rhyme.

Ready to apply my well-crafted skills. To be put to the test.

Let me show you how I am the best.

A worker at heart. Ready at the start.

Get out there!  Get dirty! Get busy! Get the job done!

C’mon, already. You know it’ll be fun!!

To embrace opportunities. To learn and to grow.

This show, has just begun.

Not to work just for money. To be motivated by the task that is at hand!!

To have my material needs met. Without having to over extend.

To be workin’ for real. To be on the job.

To know when it is time to stop.

To enjoy the time in between. To rest. To see what’s more.

Being able to live your life is what workin’ is for.

LOVE being Team player. Am also a Leader.

Let’s put my hands to good use! My voice, use that too. Have my words be heard.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Let’s express. Let’s expand. Work together! Let’s get going! Now do you comprehend?

Structure   Standards   Morals

Collaboration Exploration

Motivation from within

  No days that go without High-fives & Good job guy’s

What I am looking for in a job is what I want out of LIFE!

& it’s time…

: ) ( :


: ) ( :

Bridge Building Business Professional

It’s important to have fun, keep consistent, and to be easily recognizable.

Especially, in reference to events!!

: ) ( :

WARNING: This post is a plug.

Local: Refers to FOOD sourced from as close to home as possible.

Like pretty much everything else in existence, it’s true definition depends on the ground you are currently standing.

Sourcing food locally is anywhere from your own backyard up to 250 miles away from your front door.

[It takes about four hours to drive 250 miles away from my house].

Somewhere in the Universe: Someone opened up the flood gates for Conversation & Considerations surrounding FOOD to rush into my life.  Out of nooks and crannies that were never before considered– People and Ideas began to present themselves. So, now i Will share with you some of what i’ve Learned.

The gates began to open once I accepted the position of Sustainability Coordinator, of the GFREEV Dinner on Wednesday, June 8 held in the Industrial Ballroom of the Ravenswood Event Center.

Dinner will be served at 8p.m.

GFREEV : n. & v.  (gee-FREE-vee) Gluten-Free Vegan

At the GFREEV Dinner on June 8, we will present The Total Package. In essence, it takes into consideration the entire spectrum of mindful dining.

The Total Package consists of: Organic, Local, Seasonal, Vegan, Gluten-Free, & Affordable Food.

This idea, of being a well-rounded, mindful consumer is actually MASSIVE in its motions towards implementing a new order. In reality though, it’s really simple.

What is Simple, is not always Easy.

Even before taking up this position, I’d been on a quest to seek out truly healthful foods that satisfy all of my desires.

Kitty on a Table (Not as a Meal)

You Are What You Eat.

To better prove the difficulty in being simple, and the importance of taking into consideration The Total Package– let’s journey to some recently past experiences and meal choices….

Before the flood gates came crashing down and food flooded in– i Began to consciously consider the sort of things put into my body. Keeping harmful, hazardous items away from my insides acted as strong motivation to become a non-smoker.

One of the places that spend much of my time is the Ashbury Coffee House. WHICH i LOVE! & Am here now.

However, it is difficult for me in particular to pick an item from their menu. It is even more difficult staying away from the: Caramel Brownies, Cinnamon Swirl Cake, Cookie & Cream Pie or the COMA Brownie!!!

Usually, the choice is a Hot Cocoa with a Shot of Espresso.

Sets my tummy a swirling!!

Once that’s gone, the couple who both own & run the joint are kind enough to serve me HOT WATER. Just the way I like it.

My goal is to find something more filling than tea to act as my starter that is lower on the sugar scale. Chocolate is a great filler. It makes my belly feel full, so that I am not hungry during the hours spent typing away.

Only Vegan when made with Soy Milk.

In an attempt to venture further on my journey of discovering WHOLESOME foods, served up in a mindful manner, i stepped into an out of the way place called: Mind Your Own Business.

MYOB is right off the Hollywood stop in Brookfield       (my favorite Suburb!!)   And, the owner’s utilize social media to interact & inform their clientele of what’s happening.

That alone won my heart.

A friendly foodie informed me of MYOB, on Friday of last week. That all of their menu items are locally sourced, that it’s delicious & that the couple who run the joint are so laid back that they choose their own hours (woo-hoo!!)

People, planet & profit = the triple bottom line

So, on Saturday i called ahead just to be sure we’d get in the door. Inside, it was super cozy- while waiting for food my pal & i played Mancala. [CARLY 5, Nick 0]

While we dined the Renegade Chef named Ned, came out twice to converse about my BRIGHT ORANGE hat. He has sea foam colored hair & a neon green hat. We’re going to take on Brookfield some night like a pair of bandits.

Barbie, the blogger was so friendly that i kinda wanted to hug her when she came to our table.

The Green Dragon Soup was spicy just the way i Like it! [the spice made my nose run a bit & my ears began to tingle each time i took a slurp- YUM!]

Notable about both the Ashbury & MYOB is that the places themselves are LOCAL!

Their space is easy to become comfortable in, the owner’s let you know that this is a community place. Even though either place is further away than the local Starbucks or McDonald’s, the presence of places such as these make the need for the main stream null & void.

I do not crave a burger! And hot chocolate served up even at the ritziest of places downtown aren’t as lush as the hot cocoa i Look forward to during the week.

What I pay for is the atmosphere and the ability to spend time at a place where I know there are people similar to me.

Eating healthfully, is not a simple task. It certainly takes effort. Knowing which foods to avoid, having the sense of Self to say NO when a divine piece of red velvet cake is presented to you.

One of the best & easiest ways to implement healthy food into your lifestyle is to grow it on your own!

If you happen to be one of them city folk, without a garden you can share one with my pal’s at Benton House.

The Benton House Community Garden is well under way. Join in & Share the wealth.

Health is Wealth.

By the way, cme Go Local is one of the NEW Category’s for  CarlesBlog.

What do you think? Can you cme Go Local? Do you hear it being said the same way Chich & Chong say LOCO?!?

: ) cheers ( :


Ladies & Gentleman,

Thank you, for your patient understanding while Carles blog takes some well deserved time out to reinvigorate the senses.

Progress is fully underway.

Exciting goodness is just around the corner!!!

‘Til then here are a few photo’s to hold you over….


Spring in mind

Snow has been falling from the sky for days now. Suddenly tulips popped up!


Ever-lutionary Living Quarters

Another current project is to Behance my portfolio.


Black & White, still incorporates grey

This guy- Trey!!


fashionably, cozy

Axis of Evelyn has joined in collaboration with Post 27.

Go to the near West Side store whenever you’d like & check out the goods–

Give Evelyn a heads up & she’ll gladly meet you there to

style your shape & personality.

: ) ( : CME : ) ( :

Aligned with Carles Blog renovations & posting my portfolio on-line, I have decided to take on a Self Promotion Project.

Life will move much easier in the long run, if time is wisely used at present to plan & prepare.

Already, it is racking my brain.

It causes me to think drawn out thoughts about the position of people my age, in America, who went to college with big expectations & are now disappointed by  not receiving the intended return — IT’S OKAY!!!

I’m not judging you for working the cash register at Whole Foods or for serving my drinks at the bar. Everyone needs to make $$$ to take care of at least the necessities. Making $$$ is a struggle. On that note: Don’t judge yourself!

Don’t judge others for doing what’s best by them, either. I chose my path long before I ever even went to college. This crazy economic state has actually provided me with the perfect circumstances to live out my dreams. Though, life isn’t a fantasy.

There is an extended version of my thoughts on the way, as soon as I make some more headway on the Self Promotion Project. For now, relax. Do something that makes you feel good about being you & that has absolutely nothing to do wit the material world.

: )


One of my new favorite activities is finding a new Twitter bug. Scanning through their blogs/websites in search for anything that is enticing, a reason to stay, or to feel connected to the content.

Twitter accounts are found everywhere! More often than not I am lead to Twitter by some other news article, blog post or advertisement. If particularly like the way something is written- there is a good chance that next to the author’s name/title there will also be their Twitter address. Within article content, it is common to inform an audience where to find the person of interest on Twitter.

Another good way to productively waste time in search of answers via. others is by scrolling down lists of Following & Followers.

LOOK! I just discovered this rad blogger, Emerald Envy who apparently is in it for the same reason I am (judging by her # of Followers)

She posted this:

An avant garde example of the female figure.

Blogger’s are amazing for a slew of good reasons. 1. INSPIRATION! 2. I certainly don’t have the time to surf around all day to find things- give it to me! 3. I’m already surfing the days away, I need someone to point me in a direction. 4. I learn from blogger’s- please show me! 5. CONNECTION. 6. There’s more, it’s just that we’re moving on…

So, over an hour ago I began this blog post by copying and pasting a Q&A, as found and instructed to do so by The Brand Builder.

It is my intention to put less pressure on myself about blogging, in the hope that I will then blog more frequently. (Let me know how this makes you feel.)

This Q&A seemed particularly appropriate…

What is your favorite marketing/business word?


What is your least favorite marketing/business word?


What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally about marketing/business?

The fact that I am able to use it as an outlet for my creativity, to promote my own spiritual existence and to connect emotionally with others.

What turns you off about marketing/business?

It’s hegemonic power which discourages people to think for themselves. This is a detrimental problem.

What’s your favorite curse word when you see really bad marketing?

Fucking shit

What sound or noise do marketers/business people make that you love?

They make lots of noises.

What sound or noise do marketers/business people make that you hate?

Disruptive noises

What profession other than marketing should marketers attempt – to become better at marketing?

More prosperous  ways of living/ being, over products. Truths. Personal interests and perspectives over what it is believed people want or need to hear.


Social media is a step in the right direction because it provides the possibility of two-way communication.

What profession should marketers never try?

Anyone should try whatever they think will make their hearts content.

If marketing heaven exists, what would God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?



Lady Gaga is a fail proof cover girl! She’s also a person I will be working to model myself after this year!

Stunningly Confident

In preparation of good things to come. I’ve decided to re-structure my ol’ blog!

Presently, I have a very vague vision of what the new platform will be like.

What’s important to know is that I have a very clear vision of who I am becoming as a person. The reason for dawning a hard hat is so that my outward projection can properly reflect the real me.

CME that is!

Safety First!

Focusing energy can be a daunting task.

I struggle with it.  I’ve recently begun to yet again re-asses my values and priorities.  So, now I’m here. BLOGGING.

Without actually taking the time to go back and check the date of my last post, my best proximation is that it’s been well over a month since my last posting.


Last night I may have successfully tapped back into my dreams. The challenge is keeping it consistent with time. I don’t anticipate a similar experience tonight.

In late Spring I was hired on by To-Go Ware to tour around the east coast with the i4c campaign on the Lilith Fair Tour.

The tour has been cancelled. [2010 is about local initiatives anyhow.] Worked the only show to boot at Tinley Park on Saturday. It was spectacular! I LOVE my bamboo utensils!

Volunteered at Pitchfork through Benton House with a Working Bikes ensemble on Sunday.  & had an awesome time!

Photographed, volunteered for the Green Team @  Boiling Pot in Kalamazoo MI for the 4th of July! While there, I also: bleached super awesome Go Green or Go Sit in a Landfill T’s, had a walkie talkie, dove into some Carly sized receptacles to eliminate contamination, provided variously flavored knock-off brand cigarettes & was introduced to good MI music.

Don’t forget to work on your Death Mix before it’s too late!

Here’s one with the hansom gents of I.D.E.A.

I.D.E.A. Association

Escaped to the cottage twice & had experiences that only Big Blue Lake can produce. Look forward to plans& construction  for the octa-raft!

At last finished The Once and Future King. Hm.,

Currently have a dog staring out a door she can’t leave without a leash. She still has so much potential. No being should have to be constantly in doors or make me be tied to them while outdoors. & am hanging out with JULIE who is marching off to university in August. : (  she’s talking right now. …………….

well dressed girls @ Coachella 2010. L.A.'s kick-off of festi season.

Spend great deals of time contemplating the coming together of folk. Execution of events. What it means to be successful.  My personal interactions with others & the power of my thoughts which guide me.

Am headed up to Jackson tomorrow to act as driver and do what it takes pal to good pal Kubic in preparation and on-site at Land of Nod.

I am truly looking forward to the rest of this week. The experience [like so many that I’ve had already this summer] is going to be exceptional.

Magic + MI + Recyclown CIRCHAOS + good time w. grand friends [&home girls]= what is yet to come

If you dig astrology this is my fav new find.

( : peace : )

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