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Bridge Building Business Professional

It’s important to have fun, keep consistent, and to be easily recognizable.

Especially, in reference to events!!

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To actualize goals:

  • Write them down
  • Talk about them
  • Take action
  • Hustle
  • Document challenges
  • Make adjustments along the way
  • & Celebrate small victories!!!

This Self Promo Project is turning into a full time job. Although, the proof is in the pudding– I’m already seeing the benefits of my efforts.

Question: If you could see me do anything what would that be?

Please leave word.

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Ladies & Gentleman,

Thank you, for your patient understanding while Carles blog takes some well deserved time out to reinvigorate the senses.

Progress is fully underway.

Exciting goodness is just around the corner!!!

‘Til then here are a few photo’s to hold you over….


Spring in mind

Snow has been falling from the sky for days now. Suddenly tulips popped up!


Ever-lutionary Living Quarters

Another current project is to Behance my portfolio.


Black & White, still incorporates grey

This guy- Trey!!


fashionably, cozy

Axis of Evelyn has joined in collaboration with Post 27.

Go to the near West Side store whenever you’d like & check out the goods–

Give Evelyn a heads up & she’ll gladly meet you there to

style your shape & personality.

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Aligned with Carles Blog renovations & posting my portfolio on-line, I have decided to take on a Self Promotion Project.

Life will move much easier in the long run, if time is wisely used at present to plan & prepare.

Already, it is racking my brain.

It causes me to think drawn out thoughts about the position of people my age, in America, who went to college with big expectations & are now disappointed by  not receiving the intended return — IT’S OKAY!!!

I’m not judging you for working the cash register at Whole Foods or for serving my drinks at the bar. Everyone needs to make $$$ to take care of at least the necessities. Making $$$ is a struggle. On that note: Don’t judge yourself!

Don’t judge others for doing what’s best by them, either. I chose my path long before I ever even went to college. This crazy economic state has actually provided me with the perfect circumstances to live out my dreams. Though, life isn’t a fantasy.

There is an extended version of my thoughts on the way, as soon as I make some more headway on the Self Promotion Project. For now, relax. Do something that makes you feel good about being you & that has absolutely nothing to do wit the material world.

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I’ve learned that once a person who has aligned themselves with the LIGHT  they are able to control their emotions [energy in motions] without effort. Enlightenment comes from treating the energy motions like a horse!

Hardly ever do I feel an extra-ordinary power over even my own emotions.

Usually my emotions have power over me.

This sort of something sits on my brain.

Especially, lately.

At this phase, that which is deeply rooted within me, is pushing itself outwards.


It’s strange, slightly.


Instead of feeling weighted down to the Earth, I feel as if my own core is what is pulling at me.



Trey does a pretty awesome job of grabbing my ATTN: : )


Venus went retrograde on October 7 and she will not go direct until November 18, 2010.

While she is apparently floating backwards through the solar system automatically our focus turns inwards.

Even on a night not suited for star gazing Venus should be able to find. Her presence, therefore has influence within’ our lives. Similarly to the way our neighbors dog has a way of being able to control our present state of mind.


Here she is ladies & gentleman


Venus is the goddess of LOVE!

One of her animal figures is the dove…

: )

While not exactly happy, my emotions are not nearly blue.

However, they do feel FULL, they’re meaty & weighted, they are present–

— it’s true.

Ha! I am full of emotion!

One thought that happened the other day- I meandered around the difference between blog posting and journal writing.

Though I don’t necessarily have what you’d consider a journal…

There is of course, My Diary. No key & which currently stays shut with thanks to a rubber band.

My mandala doodles which happen anywhere (some of the best are in My Diary).

And, just a moment ago during a pause of this post I wrote on the very last page of my notebook which has doubled as my work notes & self-purging catch all. Snow was on the ground when I began using it as a sketch pad. Whenever that was, definitely 2010.

Then I have this space here. Undoubtedly my most connected form of written communications intended entirely for my own self benefit.

What benefits for the self do you do?

To make you feel good & more like you?

Other than my emotion filled self there is a thread to this post. One that is awesome and what influenced me most.

It’s purposefully been hidden, so that you must look close. I’m trying to keep it a secret.  So if you find your way to itFEEL IT before it’s over exposed.

Like Lady Venus all things come full circle, then at some point must end.

I’ll give you one more thing to hold on to, to move to & to sing with, or to help your mind wander.

Because if you are reading this, than you are indeed my friend!

( : Unless you’re my mother : )


p.s. in the not so distant future my categories will be changing for the better.


Focusing energy can be a daunting task.

I struggle with it.  I’ve recently begun to yet again re-asses my values and priorities.  So, now I’m here. BLOGGING.

Without actually taking the time to go back and check the date of my last post, my best proximation is that it’s been well over a month since my last posting.


Last night I may have successfully tapped back into my dreams. The challenge is keeping it consistent with time. I don’t anticipate a similar experience tonight.

In late Spring I was hired on by To-Go Ware to tour around the east coast with the i4c campaign on the Lilith Fair Tour.

The tour has been cancelled. [2010 is about local initiatives anyhow.] Worked the only show to boot at Tinley Park on Saturday. It was spectacular! I LOVE my bamboo utensils!

Volunteered at Pitchfork through Benton House with a Working Bikes ensemble on Sunday.  & had an awesome time!

Photographed, volunteered for the Green Team @  Boiling Pot in Kalamazoo MI for the 4th of July! While there, I also: bleached super awesome Go Green or Go Sit in a Landfill T’s, had a walkie talkie, dove into some Carly sized receptacles to eliminate contamination, provided variously flavored knock-off brand cigarettes & was introduced to good MI music.

Don’t forget to work on your Death Mix before it’s too late!

Here’s one with the hansom gents of I.D.E.A.

I.D.E.A. Association

Escaped to the cottage twice & had experiences that only Big Blue Lake can produce. Look forward to plans& construction  for the octa-raft!

At last finished The Once and Future King. Hm.,

Currently have a dog staring out a door she can’t leave without a leash. She still has so much potential. No being should have to be constantly in doors or make me be tied to them while outdoors. & am hanging out with JULIE who is marching off to university in August. : (  she’s talking right now. …………….

well dressed girls @ Coachella 2010. L.A.'s kick-off of festi season.

Spend great deals of time contemplating the coming together of folk. Execution of events. What it means to be successful.  My personal interactions with others & the power of my thoughts which guide me.

Am headed up to Jackson tomorrow to act as driver and do what it takes pal to good pal Kubic in preparation and on-site at Land of Nod.

I am truly looking forward to the rest of this week. The experience [like so many that I’ve had already this summer] is going to be exceptional.

Magic + MI + Recyclown CIRCHAOS + good time w. grand friends [&home girls]= what is yet to come

If you dig astrology this is my fav new find.

( : peace : )


Upon first hearing the term, I thought someone didn’t know how to speak proper English. After learning that it was I who was just an ignorant fool, I soon discovered my new favorite way to be rhetorical: signage

AGE keeps it active! Use strong verbage like:

DON’T drop that recyclable soda can into the garbage.

chikens are not signage. they are: good composters and egg layers

For some recently past events, I took it upon myself to draw up  signage.

Once again here are some pictures to look at.  I’m going to actually attempt to tell the story that goes with them this time. : )

Go GREEN or go home!

Christina Noel photographed some of my signage at Mindful’s Green Gala.  Her photo’s are by far the better than. Which is why I am very glad she thought to take the pictures. I intend to use some of the photo’s for my portfolio.


This is not as easy to do inside as it is on a grass carpet. However, per my idea that there be greenery at the event there were a number of plants which made the place look lush. Provided by : )

:: ) +++ ( ::

It is surprising (& I do unfortunately include myself in this) at how thoughtless a conscious crowd can be when it comes to disposing of used items.

lovely ladies, lovely

My aim with this particular batch was to act as a polite / lighthearted  reminder. At least one person really digged it because one sign was stolen. (the first to be pictured).

could use some cropping

My pics aren’t all that bad though. (the last two, if you haven’t already noticed an obvious difference in photography).

My original aim with this post was to inform you about all of the effort behind Working Bikes signage for Earth Day month. But 9P on Saturday night is nearing and tomorrow is Bike the Drive. (I am the only lucky duck who doesn’t have to be there at 5A.M.! I get to show up at 8 YAHOO!)

More signage should actually be created before the dawn.

bike frame

This is a good one to end on.



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Tweedy bird

It’s great how one of the sexiest men to exist [in my opinion of my current culture] appears to have a face that only a mother could love. Especially, while doing what he is known for doing best. YouTube: Jeff Tweedy covering Radiohead’s; Fake Plastic Trees.

Then again, that is an adorable face!

[  My apologies Mr. Tweedy if any of the above statements are offensive/rude/degrading/creepy/will cause you to turn & walk in the opposite direction if ever upon learning up front that it is I who made these comments. ]

I have only good intentions.