My Creative Side

In honor of the long awaited, highly anticipated, OMG it’s finally here:  2012!!

Let us take this opportunity to celebrate with a tip of the hat to creativity.





First up is Bjork & Nick Knight’s tribute to fashion’s late Lee Alexander McQueen.                           

Lee McQueen suffered the consequence of wrapping a noose around his neck. He lived his not too terribly long life to the max!! Pissing off most people in the fashion industry for refusing to make “Ready to Wear” clothing.

Mr. McQueen & Lady Bjork share an outlandish artistic ability. Neither one controls their creations. It’s what we call: UNINHIBITED.  Which makes for a damn good show.

Creativity is not having the power to make something happen. It is the ability to act as an open vessel for creations to flow through. 

What’s your median?

Oh, I prefer oil on canvas.

Very lovely, you?

I like gettin’ dirty with ceramics.

And you?

Who me?  Carly is my median.

You are the median. Stop to consider this for a moment. Realize how this is  one of those really funny, hard to find absolute truths. Without a creator there can be no creation.

Have you ever tried to force creativity? I have. One of my biggest frustrations as “a creative” is that nothing ever comes out the same as I imagine it to be in my brain. Not even a lion. Sigh.

Still. Moments of sheer pleasure occur whenever I sit down and simply let it happen. Which in itself can be a task. Or, it can be a meditative ritual habit that soothes the mind & calms the nerves. Who really knows what it is?

All of my best ever drawings began as scribbles on paper.

Note: Scribbling, or doing anything that encompasses letting it out, is a great way to jump start creativity to flow from you. It’s like candy & flowers, yankin’ the chain, foreplay or, placing a piece of cheese outside of the little mousey hole. Psychiatrists use this to trick patients into opening up. Really disturbed people do it without any thought as a way to get that shit out! Hence my scribbling on paper.

: )

( : Sprinkles of Snow : )

During my Pure Michigan stay I toyed with the notion that everyone has a creative talent.

By this I mean that each&every human being on this planet has come fully equipped with the innate capacity to creatively express. Somehow.

Dwelling in the Land of People Primarily Over Fifty showed me that given the opportunity to explore & connect with the inner Self, people blossom.

Often these opportunities came via an ‘Adult Education Class.’ After the whole gettin’ a job, gettin’ married, child rearin’ years had passed.  All of these people had beautiful works, smiles on their faces & songs in their heart. Really, they did!!

Most folk continued on with their creative work simply to enhance la joie de vivre. Some even became famous for it.

The creative process is not necessarily simple. That’s not my argument here. It is however obtainable.

Creativity can be in the kitchen, in the way one ties their shoes, how they make others feel while in their presence. Or, it can be found elsewhere. Like in the way you fix up an old bike.

For further discussion on the creative process from a highly credible source here is a recent interview with Terry Gilliam. Director: Monty Python, 12 Monkeys, and Brazil.

: ) ( :


Here’s another tasty treat from Carly’s Kitchen. I whip this together for breakfast. It’s called Breakfast Scrum Diddly because it is scruuum didd-ly.  This  also makes a good snack.

Look at Julie's caterpillar!!

  • Rolled Oats
  • Chopped Almonds
  • Cranberries
  • Applesauce
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Milk

Mix together.


Now let’s discuss this, shall we?

As far as amounts go, I highly recommend the eyeball/fist size, drizzle and splash method. Really, it’s however you’d prefer.

Ingredients are always interchangeable with other like items, i.e. cranberries w. blueberries. My mother will eat this only if I make it with dried cranberries not fresh. For different taste & texture all together swap peanut butter for applesauce. You could get really randy & add peanut butter & keep the applesauce. (After careful research peanut butter is okay to put back in your diet. Just stay away from the Grind Your Own kind as that is where you’ll find the most aflotoxins. Less expensive that way anyhow).

My mouth strongly prefers sweet & crunchy. Especially around the holiday’s I’m in need of solid alternatives to eating Turtle’s for breakfast. This dish is fantastic because it really does fill you up, even when it looks like it barely fills up the bowl.

More on Ingredients 

It can be expensive to buy all natural & organic. Much of what I whip up reaches the 75-80% mark. This particular dish emphasizes natural & organic. Its ingredients however make up a good core for any kitchen cabinet.

The oats & almonds are a great duo for your mouth & belly alike. Rolled oats are good for cleaning out your colon & may expand a bit in your belly. Almonds are well-known as a hunger suppressant. Which makes them a good snack to have on hand & well worth their high price. Sesame is a good source of fiber, copper & anti-oxidants. Go nuts. Go raw!!

Cinnamon is great for your brain and your blood. When combined with honey relieves arthritis pain. Honey is a delicious sweetener and actually very good at providing medicinal benefits.

And as they say an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor At Bay.

: ) ( :

Welcome, to November!!

My Michigan stay has brought me back into the kitchen. Hooray.

The cottage kitchen is huge, with lot’s of area to maneuver & a lot of drawer’s, cabinets, utensils & choices to work with. It makes me yearn for a Carly sized kitchen with an emphasis on simplicity.

Here’s my recipe for a Filling Fall Breakfast. 

You’ll need a sauce pan, or a personal sized porcelain pot. No microwaves allowed.


Applesauce– I’ve been making my own from all of the apple’s that I picked. This recipe is a product of watery applesauce. Making your own applesauce is super simple. If you decide, like me to do it without a recipe, remember that you need less than water you think. About 1/4 cup for 5 apples.

1 spoonful Almond Butter– Peanut butter harvests mold. So, if you haven’t already now’s the time to make a switch.

5 prunes, quartered. Or, a handful of dried Cranberry’s

Flax/ Rolled Oats— I have a jar of mixed oats & seeds that was tossed together to save space. It makes breakfast prep easier too.

Nuts & Seeds— of your choosing. It’s also beneficial to scoop the seeds from squash and boil or bake for later.

Grated GingerSuper for your digestion. Really, a good way to begin your day. It’s best to grate the ginger right before putting it all together. Giving it some time to release what’s beneficial to your body, but not so long that it’s all gone by the time it hits your belly.

Pour applesauce & prunes into pan on low heat.

Add your whopping scoop of almond butter. Stir until a cohesive consistency is reached.

(This will heat up quick. Be sure not to bring to boil, or risk waiting longer to eat).

Remove from stove. Add your desired amount of flax & seeds. Don’t forget to include your freshly ground ginger.

Give it a stir. Enjoy!!

Even on a day filled with physical activities, this starter will surely keep you going well into the afternoon!!

Chow Baby!


: ) ( :

Your DIY journey begins by Doing



My Diary Angel



July will be better for writing. Right now I’m DIYing.

It certainly is not as terrifying

How once i worried it would be.


Once you hit a major a propulsion

keep moving,

Allow for simple motions

to guide you towards a



Failure is not

an option


: )  ( :


: ) ( :

Bridge Building Business Professional

It’s important to have fun, keep consistent, and to be easily recognizable.

Especially, in reference to events!!

: ) ( :

Ladies & Gentleman,

Thank you, for your patient understanding while Carles blog takes some well deserved time out to reinvigorate the senses.

Progress is fully underway.

Exciting goodness is just around the corner!!!

‘Til then here are a few photo’s to hold you over….


Spring in mind

Snow has been falling from the sky for days now. Suddenly tulips popped up!


Ever-lutionary Living Quarters

Another current project is to Behance my portfolio.


Black & White, still incorporates grey

This guy- Trey!!


fashionably, cozy

Axis of Evelyn has joined in collaboration with Post 27.

Go to the near West Side store whenever you’d like & check out the goods–

Give Evelyn a heads up & she’ll gladly meet you there to

style your shape & personality.

: ) ( : CME : ) ( :

Aligned with Carles Blog renovations & posting my portfolio on-line, I have decided to take on a Self Promotion Project.

Life will move much easier in the long run, if time is wisely used at present to plan & prepare.

Already, it is racking my brain.

It causes me to think drawn out thoughts about the position of people my age, in America, who went to college with big expectations & are now disappointed by  not receiving the intended return — IT’S OKAY!!!

I’m not judging you for working the cash register at Whole Foods or for serving my drinks at the bar. Everyone needs to make $$$ to take care of at least the necessities. Making $$$ is a struggle. On that note: Don’t judge yourself!

Don’t judge others for doing what’s best by them, either. I chose my path long before I ever even went to college. This crazy economic state has actually provided me with the perfect circumstances to live out my dreams. Though, life isn’t a fantasy.

There is an extended version of my thoughts on the way, as soon as I make some more headway on the Self Promotion Project. For now, relax. Do something that makes you feel good about being you & that has absolutely nothing to do wit the material world.

: )


An alternative method of usefully disposing  food  scraps is to make broth.

ROOTS nourish the body with their strength & are a splendid choice in Winter time.

Broth is the result of boiling vegetables (veggie sraps) meat, bones, etc…

It’s one of the necessary components to soup. Which is a delightful winter treat! Or, broth can be drank as is while still providing loads of nourishment to you & your body!

This process is so simple, that broth making should be taught to kintergardener’s.

How-to Vegetable Broth

Either take some time right after purchase, or just before veggies are about to go stale. i.e. when potatoes, tomatoes feel soft & look wrinkly.

For example, I just peeled a bags worth of carrots and chopped off the tops & tails off for my broth. Soon to be sour celery (nothing already mushy or slimy). Fresh garlic, week old lemon, pinto beans I hadn’t finished with dinner, potatoes, garlic cracked with its skin & the not so tasty parts of some green bell pepper which will be had with tomorrow’s meal….

Added salt, pepper, olive oil & apple cider vinegar [optional] to my veggie delight in a very large stew pot. Bring to boil. Then bring down to a simmer for 30 + minutes.

A similar process is in boiling herbs for tea. However, when I brew tea over the stove, the water is first brought to a boil before ginger or rosemary is thrown in. Once again, boil for a minute or so before lowering heat ’til it’s allowed to simmer.

20-30 minutes later, chill & quaff healthy deliciousness.

Currently, tea & broth are being prepared as this is being written.

There is one notable difference between the two. (At least in this book). That is broth should be strained. While, it is not necessary to strain tea. Primarily, because tea should only be made with fresh herbs, fruits, spices, etc… Quality broth can be created from scraps and less than fresh. This can mean their taste is also less than fresh. Rest assured your broth will be healthful & scrumptious!

I really enjoy catching a piece of ginger in my mouth, chewing on it and feeling the heat take over my skull & throat.  Ginger Cinnamon Tea was served up along with whiskey on my birthday.

The old adage

You Are What You Eat

is most definitely a truth!

Our bodies need strength in order for us to thrive as human beings. Taking the time to prepare simple meals so that we may provide ourselves with proper nourishment is worth doing!

Treat yourself all throughout winter with proper dietary consumption!

The quiet, repetitiveness of preparing meals is soothing for the mind, which in turn allows the body to relax. Making you calm and aware of the present moment.

Rather than cramming your stomach full, in order to calm some nervous habit, or to make the belly feel better. Slow down your consumption. Chew slow. Rest between bites. Put down the fork and knife as encouragement. Your body will be able to handle what comes along with more style & grace if it has less food to digest.

Broth or tea both provide the body with rich vitamins, minerals & other nutrients. Without asking the body to break food down. Making each of them solid resources to turn to when fasting. (Or, when feeling ill).

I am not currently fasting. A goal of mine is to sufficiently slow down my over all consumption so that my body may focus on healing itself by being given a break from digestion.

Instead of quitting smoking in 2011, I’ve chosen rather to simply become a non-smoker. It’s much easier to do than quitting. Though, I have had lot’s of practice in being a non-smoker with all of my attempts at quitting. This is definitely much better!

Broth can be frozen. A nifty way is to place it into ice cube trays & bring out as needed.  Use it immediately to make soup. My broth batch will be turned into a Carrot & Ginger with Bell Pepper soup tomorrow. Or, drink directly as I am doing right now before placing the pot on the porch for the evening to cool.

As for tea, I prefer to make one pot at a time & to refrigerate a few  jars worth for the next day or so.

Chew on this new adage: The LESS You Eat, the LONGER You LIVE.

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