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G’day to you!!

Further proof that Mother Earth is preparing to take a massive dump came this morning.  As winds swiftly took down trees & knocked out power all over, I woke up to see the tallest pine tree in my back yard leaning over at a 45 degree angle.

Monday, is my day to do my thang. A do as you please day.

Thanks to the Tropic Thunder Storm that swept through Chicago at 8a.m., igniting alarms all around town. I’ve had the opportunity to experience the better part of the day. Rest assured, I did not miss any of it to sleep.

After picking up my check & receiving a nice one-two check! [From the  Pol/Irish gent with a nice smile who lives upstairs from the BAB.]

Praise the Lord, he’s finally been given a glimpse of me outside of the terribly cut BAB shirt with a neckline that most certainly does emphasize my belly pudge… Who knew that was even possible? Catching him brought on a mutual blush!! : )
…  Made my way towards a coffee shop where I had some free points to cash in &  saw that in lieu of the weather, every Tom, Dick, Sally & Jane decided to make their way out & about today. Rather than to pay to fight for my place in the sun, I came to the library…

Which is apparently the cool place to be when your neighborhood has no power.

After cruising through the main floor, checking the silent reading room & testing for any open spaces up stairs to ensure myself that all other seats were taken, I managed to find a cozy spacious spot all to myself!

Chillin’ out in the Kids Section.

The table & chair fit me so well, that I’m curious as to why we have taller tables and chairs in the first place.

I also made a new friend…


Ya know. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing anything. So, before popping down to the basement, I picked up a few magazines. Vanity Fair being the first to get picked up, after seeing that someone had already grabbed Vogue. [Wah, Wah].

 Vanity Fair, is not on my regular read list. It appears to have a lot of articles. In it there is some very serious information. First notable item is that pastels are in. (Boo!) There is also a lengthy article that begins by noting the new value of Ivory as $700 per lb.


Yes, I wear an ivory elephant.


It’s my Grandma Juice.

However, I began to wear this pendant at the beginning of my personal disentanglement. It reminds me to never forget where I have been, or the sort of person that I am capable of being. More importantly, it’s my motivation to keep moving forward.

Wearing  it daily came shortly after stumbling upon a book that brutally depicts the near extinction of elephants during the 1960’s & 70’s.


This is significant because the time that I am referring to, when I walked away from everything that I once knew, was when I picked up the path that I am walking now. It’s been quite indirect, with stumbles and spills and all.

Just last week though I realized how I actually have reached many of the goals that I set-out to accomplish. That now I am closer to living and being how I would like to more than ever before.

While this past year seemed to take me far away from what it is that I am working towards, nothing could have brought me closer to it.

Finally, this post will be published a day after it was primarily written. The occurrences of 7/11/2011 set me on a trajectory sure to my life dramatically. In ways that will take many months to truly realize. I haven’t even had a chance to pick up the pieces from it yet. Though, I wouldn’t call it much of a mess. That Friends, is a post for another day.

A New Chapter Begins….


( : Here’s what’s playin’ : )



Be aware that most libraries will be CLOSED the Sunday prior to Labor Day. They will also be honoring the no labor status of Labor Day. (This Sunday &Monday).

A huge bummer for this blogger, because the time spent not working will also not be spent inside of a library.

: (

If you live in or near Brookfield, you should also know that during the month of September all late fees can be paid off for a single  dollar. Provided you show up on any of the Sunday’s that the library is open in order to take care of your bill. This begins September 12, 2010.

And, if you’re in the area join me for J.Izzo Music Fest on Saturday, September 11.  Guaranteed to be a rockin’ good time!

Yi-ha, Yi-ha!

Things of note about this day long music bender:

1. Blues-Rock! Ya, boy!!

2. Buy your ticket on-line and be one of the lucky few to also receive a FREE T-shirt.

3. Tickets include: 3 drinks of your choice, 1 yummy BBQ’d meal, a FULL Day of fun in the sun with good friends and sweet jams. YES!!!

4. I am one of the Board of Directors.

5. The goal of this event is to one day replace BrookFest. (Without the gang fights). My guess is it will take about three years from now to bring it to what we imagine it to be.

6. Must be 21 years or older to attend! (This is our way of curbing the gang fights, for now).

7. Though totally unnecessary, given the date of this event, it would be totally awesome if those in attendance dawned their red, white & blue!


Feel the need to share that at present I have a super duper (& still growing) list of LIBRARIES! All over the Chicago land area. In places I have never been to, sometimes never even heard of.

Oh the adventure that is in store!

: )


Public libraries are closed today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Brookfield Public Library located at 3609 Grand Boulevard is closed as of Monday, November 23 for refurbishing and is anticipated to remain closed until mid January.

I brought home a stack of books and a few movies. This weather is sure to turn wintery soon, and when that happens I will be fully prepared to be locked in doors, and not worry about rushing out to re-check.

good reads

The library newsletter “Between the Bookends” [a nice pun if I do say so myself] informs that Riverside library will be available to re-check books, purchase or re-new cards and to check out SWAN inter-library loaned items.

Riverside Public Library is located at 1 Burlington Rd. Which is by far the most picturesque library I’ve ever been to, I keep meaning to hop on the train and ride over for an afternoon.

Brookfield will still be open regular operating hours for those wishing to use the free WiFi internet service. Enterance for that is on Lincoln Ave.

Between the Bookends is a great newsletter. Well put together and very informative. It indicates all the other libraries in the area which also provide free internet access.

  • North Riverside Public Library
  • La Grange Public Library
  • La Grange Park Public Library
  • Thomas Ford Memorial Library
  • Westchester Public Library
  • Berwyn Public Library

If it doesn’t say so in my bio, then I’ll be sure to say it here:

This blog does not represent the beliefs, notions, view-points, or anything else along those lines of any of my previous or non-existent present employer.

On an entirely different note, after completing my post last night I spent a few more minutes in the Hodgkins Public Library. I feel that these moments were pivotal to my experience and that they should be shared.

I picked out a few books on tape to take home with me. Dreams from My Father by current U.S. President Barack Obama, narrated by the author being one of them. [Funny notable: Barack & Obama are both underlined to indicate it is misspelled, Word Press needs to upgrade their system.]

Brought the books up to the counter and asked if there was a log of movies, which are placed on shelves behind the front desk. The young lady said “No.” However, there was a list dating a few months back of all the new movies they had received each month. OKAY! Great, some of the movies on the list were good. I rented Watchmen (OMG!- that’s all for now). And I’m thinking of volunteering my services of typing out a properly cataloged list for the library.

There was a cart of books for sale by the door. It was OVER FLOWING!!! There was even a box of books jammed to the other side of the entrance way, so I asked “What do you intend to do with all of those books?”

“Sell ’em .10 cents a piece.” said a librarian.

“Actually, we’re probably going to get rid of them soon.” said another librarian.

“Oh, would you consider donating them to a literacy organization. Open Books sells books in order to fund their wonderful literacy programs all around the city.” said Carly.

“Why Thank you! Yes, that would be wonderful.” said the second librarian. (This second librarian I later came to realize was the HEAD LIBRARIAN, which her age should have said of her from the get go, but it’s always bad to assume).

I left them one of my old Open Books business cards which barely made it through the plague I experienced at Bonnaroo 01 letting them know I’d be back the next day with boxes.

THANK GOD I was able to find boxes.

I showed up at 11:30, to learn that the library does not open until noon during the week.

(Good to know!)

So I 411’d the library and asked to be let in. The whole process of gettin in,  packing up the books and getting them into my car took just under an hour. And my car is literally packed with books.

I must say the experience really made me miss doing book pick-up’s with Dustin. One of my favorite aspects of being an Open Books Intern.

Librarian #1 is named Carrie, she’s a very friendly lady.

I gave her my other once saturated Open Books card with my cell on it and invited her to: OPEN BOOKS GRAND OPENING!!!!!

Oh boy! Save the date. November 20-21 is going to be a rip reading good time at 213 W. Institute Pl.


See you there folks!!!

Here I am at Hodgkins Public Library. I spent earlier today finding things to do around the house thinking that I would go to Hinsdale Library. At Hinsdale the train tracks are directly adjacent and there is a two hour time limit on parking between 8a.m. & 6p.m.

Finally, as it hit 4:30, I decided that I wanted to wear my pajama-like out fit to the library and that I should check-out a new library anyhow so I came here to Hodgkins. This is actually where I have a library card from.

I hate to be rude, but I feel the need to disclose that as I sit here there is a child screaming (playfully, but LOUDLY and has been for some time now). Also, there have been a few men to walk past me and smile and stare in an OVERLY friendly fashion. This is the first time I’ve experienced either of this at a library.

A few minutes ago a man walked in having a conversation on his cellphone [in Spanish so I couldn’t understand] and his tone was way beyond the 6” library standard. He walked around a few shelves he looked at me while talking, and when his conversation was finally finished he did make a point to apologize. I was grateful, but I’m still unsure if his intentions were entirely friendly, he was one of the men smiling at me when I first began.

Other aspects to Hodgkins Public Library, well it is quite small. And other than a loud child and a man on the telephone there are about 3 ladies behind the front desk, who also like to chit chat.

The tables are placed strategically so that they can all be seen from the front desk. There are three tables in the row that I am sitting, a few more in the children’s section and about four chairs by the lovely windows. The down fall is that there are no tables by the chairs which sit by the window, so here I am being exposed to florescent light.

One young girl walked by and smiled right after I chose this table to sit down at. She was brave enough to grab the floor in a corner that is both wall and window. I was enticed to sit down there, but having never been here before- thought I should go with a more “civilized” choice in seating.

If I do come here again though I’m sitting in the corner! It’s perfect and it has an out-let. I nearly joined the girl, but thought better of it.

The building itself is not exactly square. Or it is but everything is placed on a diagnol to give it an off centered look. It’s pretty nifty, has a 70’s architectural design feel to it. It makes moving from one section to the next a nice experience and for the square footage, it feels much bigger than I’m sure it is.

The kids section looks like A LOT of fun. There are plenty of children and young teens here. I’m always a bit shocked and very grateful when I see a library in use. A boy with an orange mohawk just walked in: AWESOME!!!

When I was younger, my baby-sitter (who was a guy and had a purple mohawk) also worked at the library. The library wanted to hire him and his friends b/c they thought that if people who looked the way they did were “cool” enough to work there, than other people (like them I suppose) would be encouraged to visit there.

Hodgkins Library has FOUR shelves dedicated to books on tape. I have a few picked out that I will be taking home with me. I noticed though as I was sifting through them that one shelf is almost entirely Mary Higgins Clark, Nora Roberts and other authors of a similar nature. And another shelf is all children’s books. So there ya go.

I am considering getting a Nora Roberts book on tape. I’ve been meaning to learn more about her, and her style of writing. Why not listen to something steamy? I’ve had so much fun this past Friday- Tuesday, there is no way I’m going out after work this weekend anyhow. Hmmmm…

Oh, the greatest part to Hodgkin’s Public Library which I failed to mention earlier: All day, FREE parking!

Chow baby!

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