lalalala gra-nge

It has been chosen not to send the fore mentioned resume, as stated.


Because I’d deserve to be taken seriously.  To act accordingly.

What’s up?

Layla ran away again. This morning she sort of crept off during centering. It was sure to happen eventually.

Leaving for long periods of time is a really bad habit of hers. It’s the reason she is always locked up. It’s also my initial reason for hating her guts.

Considering:  priority plans, money management, Career hmmm, moves & goals.                                                                                      How men are littered into my life–                                                                                                                                                                       Proper sorting & decontamination efforts                                                                                                                                                            Where my girls at?                                                                                                                                                                                                         LOVE   …

— Focused on a simple theme —

Musing over homemaker dreams. Appreciating how homemaking carves a huge chunk into my life.                                      Connecting it to the notion of husbandry, as being the act of caring for homestead animals.

Recently recovered from a sting felt by the failure of yet another attempt to leave La La La Grange, for good.

June 8: GFREEV (Gluten Free Vegan) Dinner & Awards at Ravenswood Event Center. Ensuring event sustainability & adding to the decor.

June 10: Brother Matthew officially becomes a Professional Psychologist i.e.  Master’s degree.

( His well-educated next step is to make an Exit towards Ecuador, in October. )

June 17: HomeGirl, Sandra gets hitched. Weeeee ha!!

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday’s: Making shakes & taking names behind the counter at the Back Alley Burger.

Pulling weekends for Working Bikes.


Holding onto high hopes of all things taking a turn in a favorable direction.


Cottage during the chilly Spring time


Welcome Summer!!


I realize that this blog gets ignored at times.
Sometimes, I simply don’t feel like sharing. Or, like all forms of creativeness…
The inspiration appears at will.


Maybe this is a Twitter worthy post….

I sat down at Caribou over two hours ago to write a grumbling post about how my periodically cycled cramps (currently occurring). And the chubby little plain faced girl who was in front of me at Borders. She was wearing a grey North Face fleece  & grey UGG boots. Her outfit was almost just as plain as her face.

The fact that she was sorta fat, no more than 12 years old and wearing GREY name brand, hardly designer attire (which everyone in this country has as sort of a uniform) stirred up a lot of thoughts about what this society honors.

As I landed on my Dashboard, a gentleman named Brian who I apparently attended both LTHS & EIU in tandem with came over & said hello. We’ve never actually had a conversation, but today we did. He would like to work at refugee camps & believes that all too often the focus is on the problem and not the solution. I agreed.

Our conversation lasted well over an hour & long enough to where I was feeling a bit guilty for not having bought another cup to pay for my couch time. (Which I am hoarding to myself). Still, the conversation made me feel better about my day entirely.

Rather than sitting here, alone- ranting about that which bugs me, gets on my nerves, makes me think that people suck, etc… Brian & I enjoyed a dialogue about our own personal perspectives on how we make our own lives work & hope to  (one day) make everything exist on a higher level.

It was nice to speak with someone about my own personal perspective & to speak without fear of being judged. (This particular aspect of the conversation pertains directly to the perspective of the speaker, not the listener).

My mood is still less than HAPPY! But, I’ve been told that to strive towards happiness is to be stuck in an infantile state. Happiness is not the goal.


So for now, I’m grateful to have been given an opportunity to not dwell in the muck. To remind myself instead of what I feel is good.

And, if happiness is not the goal than I wish for contentedness through a lack of menstrual cramps.

: )


: ) ( :

You’re Invited!!

Gosh it's HOT!

December 30, 2010 is guaranteed to be a moment filled with joyous splendor & great adventure.

( : : )

Christmas Eve morning, my sister- Julie and I headed to dtlg

[downtown La Grange as read in text format]

for some pick-me up’s.

Of,course brunch at KNEAD Marketplace was in order. Julie ordered the hot chocolate and once I saw the home made whip cream that was going to be on top I cancelled my coffee and doubled the order. It was de- licious, the perfect way to start off a day of shopping.

The creamy hot chocolate chosen over the coffee, helped keep my mood cool while doing the hustle buslte dance through the crowds of other last minute gifters. Julie had their fantastic bacon chive cheddar corn muffin with a pink egg. While I took pleasure in the ham and gruyere quiche.

Upon entering KNEAD, I was happily greeted by two of my favorite La Granger’s: Chris and Mary Spagnola.

Mary was so excited to tell me how she was delighted to read my response to Lifetime Fitness.

I’m glad you enjoyed reading it Mary!

Yellow cake with strawberry filling. I visited in on a good day, after a customer had changed their cake order.

This polite gesture painfully reminded me of how my blogging has not only been pushed to the back burner, my relationship to the dashboard has flatlined.

[Deepest apologies]…

So I’ve been brainstorming and came up with a few  awesome topic ideas  and am SUPER excited to have some time off and to now be in nearly post holiday mode.

More grand blog posts are headed your way  A.S.A.P.

The two most amazing chef’s to grace La Grange with their presence will once again be cooking us dinner.

Chris and Mary Spagnola who currently reside at 13 S. La Grange Rd. a.k.a. KNEAD Marketplace. 6173

I had the pleasure of serving their guests at Sunflower Bistro which closed its doors this past May. A big loss for La Grange. Working for them aside, I tried to get hired by them three summers in a row b/c the food is out of this world!

The two met in San Francisco and their creativity combined leads to delectable dishes with ingredients a person like me would never consider combining. Although that is not saying much. Being their employee has inspired me to take over in the kitchen much more often, usually in an attempt to re-create a dish they once served.

KNEAD is open six days a week for breakfast and lunch. Usually they close by 6p.m., closed on Mondays.

Both of those menu’s are worth trying out for sure as well. My fav sandwich’s include the  BLT (with avocado for a mushiness factor and jarred @ home apricots for super sweetness to juxtapose the salty bacon) and the ZEN tuna- seared tuna strips! Because of this joint and these two amazing chef’s I now enjoy steel cut oatmeal for breakfast on a regular basis (which is very difficult to find in a store– I went to the Amish).

Thanks to them I also have a deeper understanding of food products, wine pairing, and overall health and wellness. They push all of that with a spectacular menu to match!

For this post I read through their comments on YELP. I don’t think they could have paid for better feedback, and I know for a fact that these two would never dish out cash for ratings. Well, maybe towards better ingredients.

Their choice of ingredients are always fresh, as LOCAL as possible, well thought out and prepared to a degree of quality that is rarely matched.

I personally cannot wait to seize an opportunity to dine out at KNEAD. The best part is that since they’re serving it all up in their deli, dishes probably won’t be as pricey as they were at their previous restaurant. Which was b/w $16-$20 a plate after the economy took a hit. No matter the price though, the food is well worth whatever you end up paying.

It certainly beats the “variety” of Italian or pizza places that litter the rest of the town.

KNEAD will be open for dinner starting this Thursday, November 5.

Check it out!!!



Yesterday, I went against the library tour and decided instead to get some coffee and enjoy a comfy couch at Ashbary Coffee House in Countryside.

I arrived before noon and there was a young couple (bout my age) sitting by a window enjoying some conversation. Counting Crows was pumping over the speakers and I paid $2.25 for a large cup of French Roast coffee. I spent about 3 hours  on a couch to myself with natural light and a table.

They offer a bakery’s worth of fresh baked goodies and an older gentleman stopped in for the soup of the day during his lunch hour.

This place is usually hopping with  teenagers in the p.m.  Usually the odd balls, which is why I’m sure I know of it in the first place.

My last visit there was in the evening. There was a table filled with World of Warcraft player’s, two couches filled with regular old video gamer’s and loads of colorful and sharply pierced people talking loudly and smoking cigarettes. It was a Wednesday, which also happens to be Open Mic Nite– very popular! People from my class show up their to show off their skills still.

Some downer’s : A pin ball wizard showed up right at 2:30 and sat there for at least an hour (minus the smoke breaks) slamming away at the pin ball. This was LOUD and very distracting. Not to mention the pinball machines are right next to the couch I am most fond of using.

Also, earlier in the day a woman showed up to play the touch screen games (I don’t play them that’s as specific as I can get). She switched back and forth from one machine to the next for quite a while. Some men came in to take all the change from the machine’s and she proudly announced that she holds all of the high scores on either game. Pinball man was a 2nd place winner who was extremely freaked when he saw that the score’s had been cleared when the men took all the change from the machine. He was horrified! I made the mistake of laughing out loud while staring right at him as he complained.

The place is open until 1a.m. on weekdays– which is WAY later than any public library in the LG area. They open at 10a.m., so if you get there before all the people who play electronic ego-boosting games than you should be set with a marvelous place to crank out some work.

I’m enjoying this, how about you?

Last week I library toured around the greater “La Grange area.” — As that is what it is referred to by the League of Women Voter’s for the La Grange Area which covers: Brookfield, Burr Ridge Countryside, Indian Head Park, Hinsdale, Hodgkins, La Grange, La Grange Highlands, La Grange Park, Riverside, Western Springs and Westchester.

even old books are good

even old books are good

At that time I decided to discuss all the libraries as I visited them  last week. But luckily for me, I have been able to fill up my life with some other activities (one being the How Cool is Your Home Eco-Fair THIS Saturday!) and haven’t actually had the time to blog it all. On top of that, I was in & out of all the libraries I visited b/c I was dropping off a number of fliers in different towns, and nearly all the fliers that were dropped off had to be left at the desk for “approval.”

So my new idea: is to start-up the library tour habit again and discuss the libraries in more detail. That way other people who like to visit libraries will be able to get a greater feel for them. I mean to take pictures- we’ll see if that happens. I also intend to create a whole category out of this as a way to encourage myself to keep up with this and hopefully go to libraries that are out of my usual range.

Yesterday, I searched for a map of free WiFi locations in my area. What I found was a map pf all the Starbucks & Panera Bread’s within a 25 mile radius.

Public libraries provide free WiFi, and free computers, and FREE knowledge!

Here is a link to the U.S.A’s public library homepage.

a good argument...

a good argument...

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