Life Lessons 101 :



Knowing the right move to make doesn’t necessarily get easier as we grow older.

It will.

Once we choose to take up the practice.

Right from the get go– your gut is always there.

Telling you.

What’s right for you!!

So, Listen.

Don’t fight it.

Be Guided.

: ) ( :


For this, I am grateful.


Hoʻoponopono: (ho-o-pono-pono)



: ) ( :

I’m Sorry,

Please Forgive Me,

I Love You,

Thank you,

: ) ( :


-<- Ho’oponopono ->-


 > : < For Give > : <


As hard as I try to not be, I will always be- BOY CRAZY!

It’s hard not to slip off into a daydream when the weather is crappy & life is hard! So, can you really blame me?

After a serious bout of self-inflicted celibacy (still in action) I learned from a book found in my doctor’s office that it’s actually very unhealthy to be celibate.


Because the pineal gland is essential to proper function of the body. And its proper function is essential to obtaining maximum LIFE energy!

Without regular use the pineal gland will stop functioning properly & begin draining energy from the rest of the 7 glands in the body.



Hm, Seven? (it’s a magic number!)

Draining energy from any one of the seven glands drains energy from each and every other gland in the body. Therefore, causing the entire body to function on less energy– opening the gates for a wide variety of health and mental problems. Not to mention the inability to reach enlightenment.

It was quite a moment when I went to pick up the Tao of Sexology, which was delivered to a library near me thanks to SWAN. The woman behind the desk was kind and certainly didn’t look judgmental. Still, I could tell that there was something on her mind.

One of the points that the book makes is that fantasizing can lead to schizophrenia. Uh Oh!

Somebodies in trouble. (ME!) : )

So, I’m going to work at not daydreaming. Which will be difficult because I LOVE TO!

Imagination is not bad– it’s GREAT! It’s my lack of it that is posing a problem.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

-Alfred Einstein

My power to control the direction of my thought has shown signs of improvement.

Like smoking though, I let myself just do it, during those times when I convince myself that I am not strong enough to not do so. Or, when I am at a loss for other ways to occupy my time. It is during these times that I feel an insurmountable lack of control.

On top of not wishing to suffer any severe mental disorders– daydreaming does pose a number of set-backs when it comes to real life. Fantasizing regularly makes it difficult to detach from. Imagination land is not real. And real life is hardly ever as fantastic as the places I escape to in my head. Even they are starting to fall short of my actual aspirations…

Either way, I’ve recently been introduced to a new Fantasy Worthy Gentleman.

His name: Yannis Philippakis, lead singer of Foals.



A Greek Jew! Just what I need. Tradition + Tradition + One long history after another.

There is a good reason why I choose to keep certain men at a thoughts distance.

How can one focus on personal transformation with centuries worth of tradition bearing its weight?

And, ever since meeting a person whose presence forced me to imagine myself dawning white & walking down an aisle with a bundle of flowers– there is one thing I determined.

My wedding will be intimate.

On top of needing room to grow into my own, I left the last bloak b/c he was Greek & small weddings are not an option. (Not really, but the weight of such thoughts did bear heavily upon me. We parted for real reasons– like the fact that marriage is something I don’t want in my life right now & a serious relationship with discussions of such matters also falls into the category of things that my life can do without. And, his long line of tradition was at constant battle with my transforming self.) Ah, love!

Check out this AWE some video with my newest fantasy fave!

Do you think the videographer is alluding to anything by the depiction of the icy sea & the starlets eyes?

The eyes are the window to soul you know.

Yannis gets a GOLD star for being the youngest fantasy worthy gent to hit the list so far.


Oh, you should know that there are plenty of practices that engage the pineal gland which do not involve sex or masturbation.  The book doesn’t necessarily cover them.

Yoga does however. In-line with the Tao, yoga ignites the chakras by activating the locks within’ the body. Now if I can just keep up with my practice as intended everything will be splendid.

: )




I’ve learned that once a person who has aligned themselves with the LIGHT  they are able to control their emotions [energy in motions] without effort. Enlightenment comes from treating the energy motions like a horse!

Hardly ever do I feel an extra-ordinary power over even my own emotions.

Usually my emotions have power over me.

This sort of something sits on my brain.

Especially, lately.

At this phase, that which is deeply rooted within me, is pushing itself outwards.


It’s strange, slightly.


Instead of feeling weighted down to the Earth, I feel as if my own core is what is pulling at me.



Trey does a pretty awesome job of grabbing my ATTN: : )


Venus went retrograde on October 7 and she will not go direct until November 18, 2010.

While she is apparently floating backwards through the solar system automatically our focus turns inwards.

Even on a night not suited for star gazing Venus should be able to find. Her presence, therefore has influence within’ our lives. Similarly to the way our neighbors dog has a way of being able to control our present state of mind.


Here she is ladies & gentleman


Venus is the goddess of LOVE!

One of her animal figures is the dove…

: )

While not exactly happy, my emotions are not nearly blue.

However, they do feel FULL, they’re meaty & weighted, they are present–

— it’s true.

Ha! I am full of emotion!

One thought that happened the other day- I meandered around the difference between blog posting and journal writing.

Though I don’t necessarily have what you’d consider a journal…

There is of course, My Diary. No key & which currently stays shut with thanks to a rubber band.

My mandala doodles which happen anywhere (some of the best are in My Diary).

And, just a moment ago during a pause of this post I wrote on the very last page of my notebook which has doubled as my work notes & self-purging catch all. Snow was on the ground when I began using it as a sketch pad. Whenever that was, definitely 2010.

Then I have this space here. Undoubtedly my most connected form of written communications intended entirely for my own self benefit.

What benefits for the self do you do?

To make you feel good & more like you?

Other than my emotion filled self there is a thread to this post. One that is awesome and what influenced me most.

It’s purposefully been hidden, so that you must look close. I’m trying to keep it a secret.  So if you find your way to itFEEL IT before it’s over exposed.

Like Lady Venus all things come full circle, then at some point must end.

I’ll give you one more thing to hold on to, to move to & to sing with, or to help your mind wander.

Because if you are reading this, than you are indeed my friend!

( : Unless you’re my mother : )


p.s. in the not so distant future my categories will be changing for the better.



You really got a hold on me!

Earth Day is on the horizon.
Working Bikes has about a million and a half events to be at.

Last night, Mindful Metropolis hosted an amazing movie event at the Chicago Center for Performing Arts.
And, my computer totally committed suicide on Tuesday. Making me entirely BEHIND on all of Green Festival work.

It’s Friday night and I’m not leaving. While I’m here, I thought I’d try to get embedded.
: )

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