cme in ACTION!! Sew What?

Carles Blog is the story of a gal who is writing her story.

Stories told make up who we are. They project our image to others and even establish how we perceive ourselves.

As individuals & as a group we possess the power to create our own realities with our thoughts, words & actions.

Like all others on this Earth I too experience challenges. Those are documented here. The focus is on my intentions and methods of moving toward contentedness.

Upon making the realization that the constructs built up, around & for myself as the very obstacles standing in my way of personal progress I decided to start a new…

( : It began with a Smile : )

Found here are ideas & musings of Motivation, Transparency, Individual Evolution, ways to ENJOY Life, and what I do when I’m just being me.

I am CARLY!!

Carles Blog is the documentation of my growth as a Spiritual Being who is Learning & Experiencing her way through this Life.



see me

is the name of

 all crafty items created by moi

& are my initials.

My Societal Contribution Self Title is Bridge Building Business Professional. It’s exactly what I do, just how I do it. 

Edits are currently being made to my life & to this blog.

Follow Along.

And, please join in. Help make this a dialogue!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!!

: ) ( :


2 Responses to “Here’s me”

  1. Peter Says:

    Yes. I support this blog/intention.

    Not sure yet who Layla is, but I’ll read more and get it figured out.

    Thank you for showing up yesterday at the garden party — meeting you was unusually affirming for me.

    Leaving Saturday for France, still looking for someone to watch the bearded dragon while I’m gone.

    And then I’ll be back.


    1. Psyche Says:

      Hello, Peter!

      Hmmm, the bearded dragon, ey? Okay.
      You now have my undivided attention.

      I’d certainly like to learn more about your positive affirmations. Possibly the best compliment yet!!

      Wednesday is killer busy- we should make plans for a bearded dragon slaying shortly after.

      & I’ll look for some tassels. Since that might be the one place where wearing them is entirely appropriate.

      : )

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