look deeper

 This blog is on pause. 

What exists on this site no longer accurately reflects who I am as a person. Nor does it cater directly to the interests of its writer, or of its readers.

Something is brewing beneath the surface. Critical mass is not too far off.

My intention when this project began was to enhance the mundane. My intention still remains.

Change has occurred in the sense that I am no longer seeking only to serve mySelf. Methods of projecting this more properly are currently undergoing careful scrutiny & creative enhancement. My words, thoughts & kitchen concoctions are for the many others who stand to benefit. This is no longer about me.

So, if you check-in here because you know me personally, are directed here by a business card, or happen to stumble upon this by way of search engine optimization– know that there is more to come. And, once it arrives it’s gonna make you say- WHOA!! : )

Before parting ways to dive deep into development, I’d like to share a piece of  insight:

The winds of change are upon us all. While the world around us may be likened to this blog in its inaccurate reflection of what truly exists- it is up to us as individuals & as a collective to seek out & to do that which makes us whole. Allow the winds to take you in a different direction. Be patient. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Know that what we hold in our hearts and in our mind is our reality exactly. Don’t put yourself down, especially when things go wrong. Make time to quiet down your own inner chitter chatter.  Listen to the voice inside of you. It exists so that it may guide you. Practice this alone & greatness will be obtained. And, when the road grows dark  hold strength in your heart. You will be lead into the light.  Walking the path is not easy but the pay-off will be rewarding endlessly. Faith is key!!

Thank you, Readers!! I do love you.

: ) ( :

P.S. This space may still be used for timely up-dates on career oriented activities.