Working Bikes commonly uses the term bait bike.

Bait bike: (n). a. bicycle used to lure in potential bicycle donors. b. a sign to inform bicycle donors on where to make the drop. c. a bicycle used to lure potential bicycle thieves.

[In Detroit it’s a common belief that to steal a bicycle, is to steal from a child. Making bicycle theft almost null and void in that city.]


After my first ride, I’ve coined a new definition for the term.

Bait bike: (n). a bicycle that lures in men to have a look.

What a beauty!

synonym: chick magnet.

CARLY likes men!

The extra fork is the bright idea of Working Bikes lead mechanic, Aaron Brown, to scare away potential thieves. [More work].

This is apparently impressive. It also adds at least an extra 5 lbs. And works to better secure my super huge front basket. [Yay!]

Having three baskets provides plenty of room to act as a receptacle for people to use in order to dispose of their waste. Or, as in the case of a ride with the Midnight Marauders, an alternative to the ground as place to dispose of empty beer cans.

Providing guys with a fabulous reason to ride up to you (me)!!

While working to promote something that I already work diligently towards.

There is no away to throw something away.

Upon first being presented with my Man Magnet, I was also given an explanation as to why there were garbage bags stuffed into one of its back baskets: People are going to use it as a garbage can.

Oh boy! Do they ever!!

Before my bike was commonly referred to as the BEAST. [It is a freakin’ beast.]  Now, it’s truly made a place in my life by earning itself two new names: Man Bait & Man Magnet.


With all the extra weight I’m pedaling around, before long these legs will be better man bait too!


Fishermen are always looking for a shinier lure to assist in their manliness by helping them to catch a bigger fish.

My Grandma has a BIG catch mounted on the wall at the Lopata Family Life Enrichment Center.

I did in fact recycle all of the smelly beer cans from my baskets. Two were still full from the ones that my friends and I were pulling from. [Yay!] These were donated to the gentleman of Canal Port. They were still slightly chilled thanks to the shaded area my bike was left the morning before.

[I ditched the ride at 4:30A, once there was finally an EXIT at McCormick Place.]

Last Saturday’s ride was of the city’s underground.

It was a blast!

: )