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 This blog is on pause. 

What exists on this site no longer accurately reflects who I am as a person. Nor does it cater directly to the interests of its writer, or of its readers.

Something is brewing beneath the surface. Critical mass is not too far off.

My intention when this project began was to enhance the mundane. My intention still remains.

Change has occurred in the sense that I am no longer seeking only to serve mySelf. Methods of projecting this more properly are currently undergoing careful scrutiny & creative enhancement. My words, thoughts & kitchen concoctions are for the many others who stand to benefit. This is no longer about me.

So, if you check-in here because you know me personally, are directed here by a business card, or happen to stumble upon this by way of search engine optimization– know that there is more to come. And, once it arrives it’s gonna make you say- WHOA!! : )

Before parting ways to dive deep into development, I’d like to share a piece of  insight:

The winds of change are upon us all. While the world around us may be likened to this blog in its inaccurate reflection of what truly exists- it is up to us as individuals & as a collective to seek out & to do that which makes us whole. Allow the winds to take you in a different direction. Be patient. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Know that what we hold in our hearts and in our mind is our reality exactly. Don’t put yourself down, especially when things go wrong. Make time to quiet down your own inner chitter chatter.  Listen to the voice inside of you. It exists so that it may guide you. Practice this alone & greatness will be obtained. And, when the road grows dark  hold strength in your heart. You will be lead into the light.  Walking the path is not easy but the pay-off will be rewarding endlessly. Faith is key!!

Thank you, Readers!! I do love you.

: ) ( :

P.S. This space may still be used for timely up-dates on career oriented activities.


Developing the New SOP

The Abyss Awaits.
Thanks to Suresh N on Picasa

Leaping forward toward a career with tasks that are varying, in a position that is evolving while I work toward building a foundation that is truly beneficial to Mother Earth and her people.

To explore fun without frivolity!

Within a supportive, welcoming community.

: )

You see, this new Standard Operating Procedure is about taking care of me.

I’ve done all of my homework and I’ve put in my time. I’ve gotten so into the groove of things that now I’m revvin’ up the rhyme.

Ready to apply my well-crafted skills. To be put to the test.

Let me show you how I am the best.

A worker at heart. Ready at the start.

Get out there!  Get dirty! Get busy! Get the job done!

C’mon, already. You know it’ll be fun!!

To embrace opportunities. To learn and to grow.

This show, has just begun.

Not to work just for money. To be motivated by the task that is at hand!!

To have my material needs met. Without having to over extend.

To be workin’ for real. To be on the job.

To know when it is time to stop.

To enjoy the time in between. To rest. To see what’s more.

Being able to live your life is what workin’ is for.

LOVE being Team player. Am also a Leader.

Let’s put my hands to good use! My voice, use that too. Have my words be heard.

Yes, I am talking to you.

Let’s express. Let’s expand. Work together! Let’s get going! Now do you comprehend?

Structure   Standards   Morals

Collaboration Exploration

Motivation from within

  No days that go without High-fives & Good job guy’s

What I am looking for in a job is what I want out of LIFE!

& it’s time…

: ) ( :

The International Bedlam Society welcomes in the revival of the Festival of Dionysus!! At Transamoeba Studios Friday & Saturday, 7-10p.m., March  9-24, 2012.

Dionysus has returned to the House of Cadmus to exact his revenge on those who have spoken out slanderous words against him. With him he brings spectacle, dibauchery, raunchiness, and Classical Mythology indicative of its original form. And of course, his Secret Rites…

Suckling, Sparagmos!!


Audience members are encouraged to get in on the action. Come in costume. Scream, drink, jump on stage, kick, laugh,  join in on the suckling or even better some sparagmos!

Celebrate the Secret Rites that remind us of what it means to be human. Dive into the unadultered stories of Zeus, Paris, Orpheus, Icarus, Oedipus, and Pentheus.

Have you ever wondered why a young boy named Icarus was imprisoned in the first place? We know the truth and can’t wait to share it!

This sort of thing can’t be shared with just anyone though.

Only those who participate may know the Secret Rites.

Festival of Dionysus ignited theatre in Athens. This marks the end of days when dulled down, Disney edited versions rule the stage.

Props & setting sponsored by Salvage One. Silent Auction open for all materials provided by Salvage One for the duration of the run.

Additional Accompaniment provided by:

Amy & Ananda Bliss Tribe March 9,10
Aerial Fire Performance Magik & Goforth of the Detroit Fire Guild March 16,17

Fee to enter is $10. In costume is $8, costume rentals are $2.
Password to enter the Secret Rites: Sparagmos (Spa- rag – mos)


Go crazy a little or go crazy a lot.   
Sooner or later we all go mad.  

: ) ( :

In honor of the long awaited, highly anticipated, OMG it’s finally here:  2012!!

Let us take this opportunity to celebrate with a tip of the hat to creativity.





First up is Bjork & Nick Knight’s tribute to fashion’s late Lee Alexander McQueen.                           

Lee McQueen suffered the consequence of wrapping a noose around his neck. He lived his not too terribly long life to the max!! Pissing off most people in the fashion industry for refusing to make “Ready to Wear” clothing.

Mr. McQueen & Lady Bjork share an outlandish artistic ability. Neither one controls their creations. It’s what we call: UNINHIBITED.  Which makes for a damn good show.

Creativity is not having the power to make something happen. It is the ability to act as an open vessel for creations to flow through. 

What’s your median?

Oh, I prefer oil on canvas.

Very lovely, you?

I like gettin’ dirty with ceramics.

And you?

Who me?  Carly is my median.

You are the median. Stop to consider this for a moment. Realize how this is  one of those really funny, hard to find absolute truths. Without a creator there can be no creation.

Have you ever tried to force creativity? I have. One of my biggest frustrations as “a creative” is that nothing ever comes out the same as I imagine it to be in my brain. Not even a lion. Sigh.

Still. Moments of sheer pleasure occur whenever I sit down and simply let it happen. Which in itself can be a task. Or, it can be a meditative ritual habit that soothes the mind & calms the nerves. Who really knows what it is?

All of my best ever drawings began as scribbles on paper.

Note: Scribbling, or doing anything that encompasses letting it out, is a great way to jump start creativity to flow from you. It’s like candy & flowers, yankin’ the chain, foreplay or, placing a piece of cheese outside of the little mousey hole. Psychiatrists use this to trick patients into opening up. Really disturbed people do it without any thought as a way to get that shit out! Hence my scribbling on paper.

: )

( : Sprinkles of Snow : )

During my Pure Michigan stay I toyed with the notion that everyone has a creative talent.

By this I mean that each&every human being on this planet has come fully equipped with the innate capacity to creatively express. Somehow.

Dwelling in the Land of People Primarily Over Fifty showed me that given the opportunity to explore & connect with the inner Self, people blossom.

Often these opportunities came via an ‘Adult Education Class.’ After the whole gettin’ a job, gettin’ married, child rearin’ years had passed.  All of these people had beautiful works, smiles on their faces & songs in their heart. Really, they did!!

Most folk continued on with their creative work simply to enhance la joie de vivre. Some even became famous for it.

The creative process is not necessarily simple. That’s not my argument here. It is however obtainable.

Creativity can be in the kitchen, in the way one ties their shoes, how they make others feel while in their presence. Or, it can be found elsewhere. Like in the way you fix up an old bike.

For further discussion on the creative process from a highly credible source here is a recent interview with Terry Gilliam. Director: Monty Python, 12 Monkeys, and Brazil.

: ) ( :

Same Great Face. Brand New Glasses!!


Here’s another tasty treat from Carly’s Kitchen. I whip this together for breakfast. It’s called Breakfast Scrum Diddly because it is scruuum didd-ly.  This  also makes a good snack.

Look at Julie's caterpillar!!

  • Rolled Oats
  • Chopped Almonds
  • Cranberries
  • Applesauce
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Milk

Mix together.


Now let’s discuss this, shall we?

As far as amounts go, I highly recommend the eyeball/fist size, drizzle and splash method. Really, it’s however you’d prefer.

Ingredients are always interchangeable with other like items, i.e. cranberries w. blueberries. My mother will eat this only if I make it with dried cranberries not fresh. For different taste & texture all together swap peanut butter for applesauce. You could get really randy & add peanut butter & keep the applesauce. (After careful research peanut butter is okay to put back in your diet. Just stay away from the Grind Your Own kind as that is where you’ll find the most aflotoxins. Less expensive that way anyhow).

My mouth strongly prefers sweet & crunchy. Especially around the holiday’s I’m in need of solid alternatives to eating Turtle’s for breakfast. This dish is fantastic because it really does fill you up, even when it looks like it barely fills up the bowl.

More on Ingredients 

It can be expensive to buy all natural & organic. Much of what I whip up reaches the 75-80% mark. This particular dish emphasizes natural & organic. Its ingredients however make up a good core for any kitchen cabinet.

The oats & almonds are a great duo for your mouth & belly alike. Rolled oats are good for cleaning out your colon & may expand a bit in your belly. Almonds are well-known as a hunger suppressant. Which makes them a good snack to have on hand & well worth their high price. Sesame is a good source of fiber, copper & anti-oxidants. Go nuts. Go raw!!

Cinnamon is great for your brain and your blood. When combined with honey relieves arthritis pain. Honey is a delicious sweetener and actually very good at providing medicinal benefits.

And as they say an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor At Bay.

: ) ( :


Welcome back me!! To Chicago that is.

For those unaware that I recently pulled a Thoreau and have spent the past 8 (wonderful) weeks on Big Blue Lake, in Pure Michigan. Quite the experience.

Here are at least 25 photo’s taken during my stay. My favorite is the finale.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Strengthening my relationship with the Tao was in primary focus while on retreat. Coincidentally, a constant re-appearing analogy for the mind is the mirror effect of a lake– only ever reflecting that which is before it, never holding on to anything, letting go once the moment has passed.

Each day upon rising I opened up the front door, breathed in deep delicious air, and was grateful for all that was before me.

On my final day, Big Blue Lake sat absolutely silent and still. No movement what-so-ever. The sun setting upon it was the perfect example of clarity in the mind. That night was the darkest I’d ever experienced. A cloud cover made it hard to find my own hand in front of me. Here, I felt secure. Awe mazing.

Now that I have experienced what it means to be still in nature, my aim is to carry that  steady flow back here to civilization with me.

Henry David Thoreau, believed that the key to strength lies within the spirit not the mind. What I learned during my stay is that anything that has been learned can be forgotten. That what we hold in our hearts is what is true for us and, that which holds down our hearts is what our minds are attached to. I have come to see quite clearly how this rings true in all of us. Demonstrating it, however is something rather different all together.

If you’d like to test this for yourself, try this: examine your own world. Is there anything in it that brings a furrow to your brow? Does anything come up that you’d rather not contemplate? Or, do you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your own skin? For many of us this is likely to occur.

The hard & fast truth is that there is nothing you can do to change whatever it is. You absolutely can change how you feel about it though. Which will make all the difference in the world. Begin by writing it down.

If you’re having trouble getting over those unpleasant thoughts. Take a deep breath. Breath again, keep breathing, & watch your breath until you’ve moved on from it.

Something else I came to realize while away is the direction that this blog is moving towards. (I’m headed there too).  Changes have been promised in the past. Now there is actually some clarity shining upon it. Hints of it are sprinkled all over already. And, I’m looking for help!! Anyone who has some graphic design skills, web-savvy know how that you’d care to share, a digital camera to donate, ideas, in-put, people to pass the word onto, & possibly some editing skills– please say Hello!!


: ) ( :

Life Lessons 101 :



Knowing the right move to make doesn’t necessarily get easier as we grow older.

It will.

Once we choose to take up the practice.

Right from the get go– your gut is always there.

Telling you.

What’s right for you!!

So, Listen.

Don’t fight it.

Be Guided.

: ) ( :

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Perhaps it was written in the stars that the focus for me in 2011 would be food. Or, maybe at twenty-five years (officially & technically an adult), the preparation of meals helped me to feel that I was taking on the responsibility of caring for mySelf. Shining a light on my own diet certainly was the brightest idea I’ve had when it comes to curing my ailing body. Either way, food is our topic.

Food can either act as the cause or, cure of the vast majority of human illness.

Conversationally, food has been brought up consistently. Two apparently opposing perspectives have been shared with me recently. Both of which I empathize with greatly. The first came from a fellow yogi, John, who I grab a beer with after practice on Thursday’s.

John, is a middle aged Engineer, bachelor with a smile that does not cease. Even during the most difficult of poses. His food philosophy: “Quick & Easy.” Which leads him to order Asian BBQ Buffalo Wings at the bar and, to eat microwaved meals for lunch Monday- Friday.

Last night, I listened to a fellow twenty-something as he talked through his concerns about spending too much time focusing on food. Allowing other activities fall to the side in order to to explore the world of preparing meals.

Cheers, to that!

I dedicated much of October and well into November to the practice of preparing good for your body meals. Still, I feel that there is so far to go. Although, I agree with John. When it comes to being hungry, even with my intentions set on doing it right, I’d like it to be quick & easy. Even going the quick & easy route, still requires commitment.

The most important aspect to eating well, while having it ready for your belly before it’s yelling: GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE GRUMBLE, is to start with a solid base.

We’ll be diving into this at length here shortly. First, let’s take a brief moment to grab a snack!

: ) ( :